Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi, from Velvet Ribbon!

Hello everyone! My name is Hana, from Macau-Macau and I blog at Velvet Ribbon. I have been sewing for many years, mainly patterns traced from Burdastyle magazine/book and I did self-drafting pattern sometimes. I am very excited  about this sew along and glad to be a part of this group.

I have been sewing from my stash since last year and thank God that I manage to control my behavior of buying fabrics without sewing it. Even so, I still allow myself to buy at least 3 pairs of fabrics every months:)

My sewing plans for this sew along are: 2 pairs of blouses/tops, 2 pairs of dresses, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of skirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of coat and 1 pair of blazer. I just hope that I have enough time to sew all of those projects.

That's all my introductions and I would like to say a special thank to Sarah Liz for doing this sew a long.

All the best,


Thursday, May 30, 2013

From the land Downunder

I guess having a stash is a global phenomenon!

I live in Sydney, Australia with Dh and a couple of very spoilt granddogs. Yep, the adult kids have both left home (one married and the other travelling overseas)and we've been left looking after the four-legged kids (not that we mind one bit).

Having sewn for more years than I care to imagine, the stash has managed to creep into the oddest places - the camphorwood chest in the lounge, the wall unit in the dining room, the back of the garage, the bedhead in the main bedroom, some baskets on the landing. Then there's also the sewing room stash ....

I've even tried sitting patterns next to stash fabric in the wardobe in the hope the stash fairies might perform a bit of magic, but alas, the stash remains.

(Hmmm, I can see I'm the least organised person here!)

This leaves the Style the Stash Sew A Long, yeah!

Looking forward to working through the stash with you all. I'll be starting with some wool blends and aim to make some pants to go with the tops i finished in May.

Hi, from Scheryka!

Hi, Everyone! I am glad to be a part of this group. I haven't participated in a group in a while. Here is a sneak peak of what's in the stash and must be taken care of soon or I will never get off probation. I admit:
My, name is Scheryka and I am a fabric and pattern hoarder.
Now, that's done. Here's my very well unkempt stash of fabric:


You can head on over to the BlogSpot to get the rest of the stash! Go on naw!

Be blessed and be happy, Smooches!

Beverly's Stash

Hello, my name is Beverly, and I love to sew.  And apparently, I also love buying fabric! I have a lot of fabric - maybe even too much.  So, this Stash Sew-along is just what I need.

I sew a lot of different types of things  -  clothing, mostly for myself (for 4 seasons), quilts, handbags, home decor, things for children, crafts - so I have a wide variety of fabric.  I have a daughter-in-law and granddaughter that like to sew, so I'm hoping they'll help me use up the stash.

My fabric is fairly well organized and I can find what I want without too much effort.  I have it mostly sorted by type of fabric:  quilting cottons;  pants fabric - twill, corduroy & denim; knits, for tops & dresses & heavier for pants & jackets & some for pj's;  home decor, crafts and bags; lingerie & swimsuits; flannel and fleece; linen & rayon; poly silkies & blouse fabrics; suitings; and other misc. Some fabrics are rolled and stored on shelves;  some in plastic tubs and copy paper boxes; and some in plastic crates sitting out on the table.  And a few more stacked here & there.  Anything stored in tubs or boxes is labeled. 

Knits, rolled & stored on shelves.

After going through my closet and thinking about what I like to wear,  I see gaps in my wardrobe.  I really need to sew more basics and use more solid colors.   I gravitate toward buying & sewing pretty prints & then have nothing that coordinates.  I also tend to sew whatever strikes me at the moment without much planning.  My plan is to sew some long skirts (solid colors, knits) and dressy tees & tops (also solid color knit).   And of course I have the fabric in my stash.

Thanks, Sarah Liz, for organizing this.  I look forward to "meeting" everyone and I'm sure we'll have fun sewing together and talking about fabric.

my blog:

Howdy from Texas...An Introduction

Hey everyone this is Shawnta.  I'm married to my best friend and a SAHM to two beautiful girls.  I caught the sewing bug way back in 07, but really don't have many finished garments to show for it because I think I'm more addicted to accruing patterns and fabrics then actually USING said patterns and fabrics! LOL
My machines and 2/3 of my stash have all been boxed up for the past 7 months, however my long hiatus will come to an end the beginning of June when we complete our move to the Fort Worth/Keller area of Texas.  So where was the other 1/3? I kept it with me!! Yup even though I knew I wouldn't be sewing I couldn't bare to put it in storage.

Some new lovelies from FabricMartFabrics and my favorite Etsy Seller -48 yards

Heavy weight fabrics and a couple that couldn't fit in the trunk below-25yards

My trunk of lovelies.  I just open it up sometimes and sigh.- Around 100 yards

A few lovelies I pulled out that I'm really excited to work with.
So yup I kept over 100 yards of fabric with me and then had the nerve to add to it!!
Lets not even discuss patterns....yet.  I have a terrible sickness where if I see someones garment made by a pattern and I like it I must have it.  OPP or not.   My style or not.
I've also decided to enter the pattern review fabric stash contest so I will be back a little later with my planned projects and how many yards it should use.

I look forward to seeing all y'alls creations and thank you Sarah Liz for bringing us together!

Introduction & Confessions of a Fabric/Pattern Hoarder

 I'm Judy from  Mississippi in the USA!  I am  married to
 my best friend.  We have been married for 41 years. We have
 two grown children and 5 grandchildren.

  I love to sew & craft. I am a self taught sewer..  I don't
know how to do the "correct" ways of sewing. But, I love
to learn.

 Now. I must confess--- I am truly a fabric & pattern hoarder!
 I love thrift stores/flea markets. My eyes are roaming
for those old vintage patterns. Fabrics can be spotted a mile away.
 My heart starts beating fast... and  I assure you, I am heading
that way..

 I will post some of my plans for June, in my next post..

Kenny put some shelves in this closet , and it
holds a lot of my fabric.  The bins you see here,
holds fabric that I buy throughout the year, for
Biblical costumes [I make them for churches
during the Easter/Christmas seasons]. I buy cheap
fabric when I find them, and store them, for the
upcoming season.. This will be a purchase
that I will continue,  as  it helps the churches, and I
feel honored to be able to do this for our
Wonderful Saviour.
Notice.. the boxes of patterns [and this is not all] I  have
over 100.

Kenny installed our old kitchen cabinets on one wall. It
too houses fabric and my sewing books.These
cabinets, hold seasonal/holiday fabrics such
as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween
July 4th. Children's prints. [ I use these for
my grandkids, and crafts]

More Holiday fabrics and Children's prints.

 NOTE: As you can see, I am not organized, and I so admire
you ladies who have your stash so well organized. I hope
after this year, you will see  a better sewing room from
I would like to say a special thank you to  Sarah Liz
for doing this De-Stash Sew A-long.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

intro and acknowledgement

Hi, I'm Mary and I'm a well as a patternholic.

I have spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday organizing my fabric, and oh, do I need to sew and not buy.  I keep my fabric in big Rubbermaid containers but somehow this system has broken down a bit and I have fabric in baskets, in cedar chests, in closets, and on dressforms.  As of today, I have 4 big Rubbermaid containers and 2 smaller containers organized with stash.  The categories are "spring/summer wovens, fall/winter wovens, knits, wool/fleece, knit sets (as Marcy Tilton does), lining/lingerie/blouse weight/misc." Somewhere in this house is a stash of home dec stuff for purses and hats.  We'll save that for later.

Full disclosure: I found these in a basket under the bulletin board when I organized.  They must have been pulled from the containers  when inspiration hit, or when I hit a snag on some project.

Even more-like the last bender someone goes on before entering rehab, I bought these pieces in San Francisco earlier this month.
Help me please!  <grin>

Kay's Stash and Plans

Hello everyone!  I am happy to be a part of this de-stashing project.

I have plastic tubs and wood chests full of fabric, and I really do not have the time to take pictures, so you will just have to believe me! :)  There is lots of quilting fabric and almost as much of fashion fabric.  I got the quilting fabric from my mother.  Every now and then I will make a quilt, but it really isn't my thing.

My goals are to make several skirts, tops, and pants to wear to work.  I am a conservative dresser, so I stick w/ more basic items.  I am not much on pushing the envelope with my wardrobe, even weekend wear!  My goal is to be able to comfortably participate in Made Me May 2014!

I have a ton of patterns - well over 100, and while, I have good intentions on using them, once I find a pattern that I love, I am quite frankly too afraid to try anything else.  Right now, two of my favorite patterns are the Sewaholic Thurlow pants pattern, and the Renfrew top pattern.  I want to use another pants pattern to mix up my pants wardrobe a bit, and really, I want to try my hand a couple of new dress patterns that I bought recently.

I love to refashion items as well.  I am an avid thrift store shopper.  I look at items that I can make into other things.

Other than sewing, my husband and I own and operate a small dairy farm as well as poultry for eggs to sell.  We have two very large gardens to grow most all of our veggies for the year, so we stay pretty busy.

I will end this w/ a photo from my latest refashion, and will have a Stash Bustin' post ready for next week!

Take care and God bless!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sarah Liz - about our blog

Hi Everyone

It's fantastic to see you all posting about your stashes.

I've just put up a  Garment/Project suggestions  page and an "About Us" page at the top of the blog.

Contributors are all listed on the side bar.

If  you want to be a contributor, please send me an email. Then I can add you to the authors list.  Blogger will then send you an email and a link which you will have to click so that you can be added.  Most of you have done this, but if not, please do so.  Then your little Blogger or Google sign will come up on the side bar.

If you have just joined as a contributor it might be a good idea to follow this blog so you get feeds whenever someone posts.

I've also made a button for you to put on your blogs - you'll find the widget HTML code on the sidebar.  

As quite a few of us seem to want to make wardrobe capsules, I am going to suggest that we start working on these as the first project in June.

That way, the wardrobe capsule sewists can work over a few months to complete their capsules.

Some of you already have your projects thought out - it would be fantastic to hear what you are planning so that if anyone else wants to make the same thing you could do it more or less at the same time.

I'm probably going to work on a combination of something from the Basics list/Wardrobe Capsules.  I need to plug a few wardrobe gaps.

Looking forward to finding out about your plans - post about them as soon as you are ready

Sarah Liz :)

Pattern Stash Raid

This weekend I went to Mom's house for Memorial Day Weekend.  When she recently found out that I was trying to sew clothes again, she insisted that her dress form come back to my house.

It has lived here before.  Unused and gathering dust.  Went back to her house since my house and storage options are far more limited.

I am fairly certain that the last time it was used was about 1952.  Estimate is based upon the fact that my oldest brother was born in 1953 and by the time mom was no longer wearing maternity clothes, it was the mid 60's and clothing wasn't fitted.

  There was a bag in front of it that I didn't even ask permission...just packed it in the truck.

The 25 cent patterns are copyright 1947-1949.  Price went up to 35 cents in the 50's.

I LOVE the 40's.  Maybe I lived then in some past life.  I wear so many of mom's college clothes from the late 40's on a regular basis up until today.

The only thing keeping me from sewing all of these immediately, is that post-war patterns used 4-5 yards of fabric in celebration of the end of fabric rations.

Dang.  Like my list of things I want to sew wasn't already long enough.

Jacq's Stash

Hi everyone, nice to meet you :)

This is so exciting, I can't thank Sarah Liz enough for her idea and the work she's put into setting this up.  This feels like a really good opportunity to get to grips with my stash, I need help!

Firstly, I do not have the biggest stash in the world* but, to give context, I have only been sewing clothes for a little over a year.  I made the odd cushion or pair of curtains before that, but not much.

I don't have that many me-mades to show for it, I am learning as I go along.  But what I do have is a lot of fabric that could be something beautiful if I had the skills.

Just before Christmas I realised that the fabric I'd accumulated was starting to weigh on my shoulders - in reality I have less spare time than I thought, or perhaps I just underestimate how long it will take me to make something.  Either way, it made me feel guilty.  I don't like waste, if I'm not using it then that's pretty much what it is and that doesn't sit comfortably with me.

So I put myself on a fabric ban (and patterns too - frankly that's a whole other post, I can only deal with facing one addiction at a time!).

Since then I've been really busy with other stuff and I was losing track of what I actually had.  Sarah Liz's idea has made me get everything out and look at it - it was all beautifully organised of course, but sitting in boxes it's not much use.

This system works for me, it isn't all 'blouse' fabric
but it gives me an idea of amounts

Again, not all for dresses but I know I have enough
of  these fabrics to make something substantial - I don't need
to pick a pattern that I can squeeze out of a tiny scrap!

I need to take control so:
  • I've been taking part in Me-Made-May '13 - that's been invaluable in helping my focus on what I'm actually likely to wear. 
  • I've enrolled in a Craftsy course to help me deal with fit issues - at this stage I'm pretty much at the 'well, it doesn't fit' stage rather than knowing what to do about it!
  • I've been following Sarah Liz's posts on body shape - amazingly informative and now at least I know what I'm dealing with!
  • And all of that has brought me to here ...
OK, enough waffling, time to 'fess up ...

These are all the 'less than 2 metre' pieces - some of them are significantly less
It's a real mix of vintage, charity shop finds, bargain buys and novelty prints
There are 27 pieces of fabric in here.  I realised, if I was ever going to get to grips with this lot, I needed to filter down a bit more ...

These are prints that are suitable for skirts for me or dresses for my 2 little nieces 
These are plain skirt-weight lengths
These are all suitable for tops/blouses - partly because of weight/drape and also
due to quantities that I have.  Lots of these are vintage/thrifted pieces, I bought what
was available.  Some are for me, some for my daughter A 

These are a real mix, some are destined for bags and others were bought because
I love the prints - I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them!
So that lot shouldn't take long to motor through then!

And these are the 'more than 2 metre' lengths, enough to make a dress easily

Oh, this looks a bit more manageable ... there are only 20 pieces in here.  Shame I have such a struggle with fit issues, I could make a few dresses and really impact on this lot!

These are all cotton/cotton mix - so if I could just rustle up 11 dresses
quickly I'd have this lot under control!

This is wool, it's beautifully soft, I have over 3 metres

Novelty prints - I have pretty immediate plans for 2 of these
Beautiful jewel coloured silks from India - a gift from my brother.  I have about 4 yards of each
I've had them ages - I can't pluck up the courage to cut them!

So that's it then, piece of cake.  Apart from a distinct lack of courage, sewing skills and the ability to make something fit I am good to go!


* In the interests of total honesty I have not included the following contents of my stash - muslin fabrics, quilting fabrics, home décor fabrics, Christmas fabrics or articles for refashioning ...  I can only climb one mountain at a time!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sarah Liz - My Glorious Stash

How I'd like my stash to look...

I have a large stash that I have collected over years.  Hanging, in cupboards and in bins.  I also collect patterns with all those beautiful garments that are going to look gorgeous, when I finally get around to making them.  I started with a cupboard (above) but it soon grew and grew with sewing time getting less and less.

I also collect and hoard patterns - once again, for all those plans that just don't quite happen.  I suspect I have delusional ideas about what I can actually make in the time available :)   Other amazing bloggers seem to manage amazing amounts of sewing plus seem to have amazing lives doing absolutely everything, but I have to admit I am normal.   Which means I don't get to make up what my big ego thinks it can get me to do.

The latest hoard - outgrown the filing drawer.

 Like Marjorie, every year I make plans to make just a few core garments, then the season has been and gone, and I wonder what happened to the plans - usually though, it's something to do with having other things in life I  have deemed more important.

So, I collected and collected - this has gone on for years - luckily, other areas of my life have been well managed - but I suspect at cost to personal sewing dreams.

Fabric stash on top of bins of stash

Stash under side table in bins but it grew and grew...

Hanging stash in wardrobe
So, that's an example of my stash.  I do believe 177 pieces, give or take a piece or two.  All neatly catalogued.

So now I am ready to sew except that over the years:

You forget how to sew.  Then you have to learn again.  Then you find nothing fits you. Then you have to learn to fit without anyone to help you - have you noticed how all the books say to get a sewing buddy in for a whole afternoon just to fit on garment - most of us have to fit ourselves. So it gets quite tricky! And that's just one garment.

So somehow I want to learn to fit myself efficiently and to make sewing time more of a priority.

I want to make classic wardrobe basics that mix and match with everything - so I need to make capsules, or at the very least make sure anything I make goes with something.

I also want to make things that are more stylish - most of my life I've just worn what is appropriate to the job, so now I want to make things that are appropriate to me.

I know I am in very good company here, so let's all help each other get those garments made...

Looking forward to finding out about your  stashes and sewing goals.

And then we are going to start making them happen...

Sarah Liz :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marjorie's Stash

My name is Marjorie, and I am a clothing project parts hoarder.  I am a devoted quilter, but somehow my other sewing never happens.

About once a year I think that's going to change and I buy patterns, fabric and notions.  The 6 big bins and the wire drawers are about 70% of the stash.

My issue is fitting.  I foolishly believe that a pattern should turn into a wearable garment.

But I end up with neck holes that don't fit over my head.

Or dresses that fit like a sack.

Even things that I made once that turned out well (like some burgundy leather chaps) seem to have different shape in the remake (pink snake skin chaps that are too flared at the bottom and look like PJ's when I'm standing around).

I started a list of projects that I have the parts for and need to sew.  The list has 36 items that represents a variety of knit, leather, dresses and basics.
Goal # 1 is to get some muslins made of basic shapes like t-shirts, tanks, pants, skirts and fitted dresses.

This is the 4th attempt at a t-shirt and I ALMOST have it figured out.

I'm hoping that all of you will keep me motivated to work through the "wadders" and end up with some wearable clothes.