Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beverly's Stash

Hello, my name is Beverly, and I love to sew.  And apparently, I also love buying fabric! I have a lot of fabric - maybe even too much.  So, this Stash Sew-along is just what I need.

I sew a lot of different types of things  -  clothing, mostly for myself (for 4 seasons), quilts, handbags, home decor, things for children, crafts - so I have a wide variety of fabric.  I have a daughter-in-law and granddaughter that like to sew, so I'm hoping they'll help me use up the stash.

My fabric is fairly well organized and I can find what I want without too much effort.  I have it mostly sorted by type of fabric:  quilting cottons;  pants fabric - twill, corduroy & denim; knits, for tops & dresses & heavier for pants & jackets & some for pj's;  home decor, crafts and bags; lingerie & swimsuits; flannel and fleece; linen & rayon; poly silkies & blouse fabrics; suitings; and other misc. Some fabrics are rolled and stored on shelves;  some in plastic tubs and copy paper boxes; and some in plastic crates sitting out on the table.  And a few more stacked here & there.  Anything stored in tubs or boxes is labeled. 

Knits, rolled & stored on shelves.

After going through my closet and thinking about what I like to wear,  I see gaps in my wardrobe.  I really need to sew more basics and use more solid colors.   I gravitate toward buying & sewing pretty prints & then have nothing that coordinates.  I also tend to sew whatever strikes me at the moment without much planning.  My plan is to sew some long skirts (solid colors, knits) and dressy tees & tops (also solid color knit).   And of course I have the fabric in my stash.

Thanks, Sarah Liz, for organizing this.  I look forward to "meeting" everyone and I'm sure we'll have fun sewing together and talking about fabric.

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Scheryka said...

Hi, Beverly! Your fabric stash is top notch! Very organized - not 'fairly' at all! One day, I may get to be as organized with my fabric.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I agree with Scheryka - I love your visual layouts so you can easily see what you want - it really helps with that on the run planning you talked out. Lovely to find out more about you.

Most of our wardrobe should be "Basics" with prints making up the rest.

I'm sorry to send you so many emails trying to get you linked up - I'm sure I was doing something wrong! But you are up now, thank goodness :)

Far said...

Hi Beverly :) I Also Have The Same "Problem" As YOu wiTh Feeling That Nothing I Make Coordinates. ANd I Dont Do Well With PlanS WhenDeciding What To Sew. At Least Not Absolute Plans.... :)

Jacq C said...

Well you may still need a plan but, boy, once you've got one you are good to go with your stash. Your categories alone are impressive, my OH just said he didn't know there were that many types of fabrics - and all beautifully organised :)

Mary said...

Hi Beverly, nice stash, and yes, "fairly organized"! I am drooling over all your pretty prints.