Thursday, May 30, 2013

Howdy from Texas...An Introduction

Hey everyone this is Shawnta.  I'm married to my best friend and a SAHM to two beautiful girls.  I caught the sewing bug way back in 07, but really don't have many finished garments to show for it because I think I'm more addicted to accruing patterns and fabrics then actually USING said patterns and fabrics! LOL
My machines and 2/3 of my stash have all been boxed up for the past 7 months, however my long hiatus will come to an end the beginning of June when we complete our move to the Fort Worth/Keller area of Texas.  So where was the other 1/3? I kept it with me!! Yup even though I knew I wouldn't be sewing I couldn't bare to put it in storage.

Some new lovelies from FabricMartFabrics and my favorite Etsy Seller -48 yards

Heavy weight fabrics and a couple that couldn't fit in the trunk below-25yards

My trunk of lovelies.  I just open it up sometimes and sigh.- Around 100 yards

A few lovelies I pulled out that I'm really excited to work with.
So yup I kept over 100 yards of fabric with me and then had the nerve to add to it!!
Lets not even discuss patterns....yet.  I have a terrible sickness where if I see someones garment made by a pattern and I like it I must have it.  OPP or not.   My style or not.
I've also decided to enter the pattern review fabric stash contest so I will be back a little later with my planned projects and how many yards it should use.

I look forward to seeing all y'alls creations and thank you Sarah Liz for bringing us together!


dkswife said...

You have an impressive amount of fabric! I cannot wait to see what you make from some of it.

Far said...

Hi Shawnta!.I Have Fabric Envy!!!! And To Think That These Are Just A Third, AlTho Half Of Them Are New... Hehe... Love Them All.

Beverly said...

You have about as much fabric as I do! :)

Jacq C said...

Oh my word Shawnta, you have any amazing stash! I'm going to show my OH, let him know how little I have! ;)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Shawnta - I can quite understand how you had to keep some stash with you - I would be the same - and how you add, add, add. I think you must have the biggest stash so far, I'm jealous!
I'm the same with patterns as well. Love those beautiful trunks too. Good luck with your new home.

Mary said...

Hi Shawnta, The timing of the contest and this sewalong and your move=>perfect.

Scheryka said...

Great minds...I think we have a few fabrics that are VERY similar. The black and white flower swirls in the first photo and the colorful flowers next to it - is it a knit? And a few pieces from your second photo look a bit familiar, too.

shawntasews said...

Scheryka Yup swirls is a knit the flower one is a challis.

shawntasews said...

Yup swirls is a knit the flower one is a challis.