Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jacq's Stash

Hi everyone, nice to meet you :)

This is so exciting, I can't thank Sarah Liz enough for her idea and the work she's put into setting this up.  This feels like a really good opportunity to get to grips with my stash, I need help!

Firstly, I do not have the biggest stash in the world* but, to give context, I have only been sewing clothes for a little over a year.  I made the odd cushion or pair of curtains before that, but not much.

I don't have that many me-mades to show for it, I am learning as I go along.  But what I do have is a lot of fabric that could be something beautiful if I had the skills.

Just before Christmas I realised that the fabric I'd accumulated was starting to weigh on my shoulders - in reality I have less spare time than I thought, or perhaps I just underestimate how long it will take me to make something.  Either way, it made me feel guilty.  I don't like waste, if I'm not using it then that's pretty much what it is and that doesn't sit comfortably with me.

So I put myself on a fabric ban (and patterns too - frankly that's a whole other post, I can only deal with facing one addiction at a time!).

Since then I've been really busy with other stuff and I was losing track of what I actually had.  Sarah Liz's idea has made me get everything out and look at it - it was all beautifully organised of course, but sitting in boxes it's not much use.

This system works for me, it isn't all 'blouse' fabric
but it gives me an idea of amounts

Again, not all for dresses but I know I have enough
of  these fabrics to make something substantial - I don't need
to pick a pattern that I can squeeze out of a tiny scrap!

I need to take control so:
  • I've been taking part in Me-Made-May '13 - that's been invaluable in helping my focus on what I'm actually likely to wear. 
  • I've enrolled in a Craftsy course to help me deal with fit issues - at this stage I'm pretty much at the 'well, it doesn't fit' stage rather than knowing what to do about it!
  • I've been following Sarah Liz's posts on body shape - amazingly informative and now at least I know what I'm dealing with!
  • And all of that has brought me to here ...
OK, enough waffling, time to 'fess up ...

These are all the 'less than 2 metre' pieces - some of them are significantly less
It's a real mix of vintage, charity shop finds, bargain buys and novelty prints
There are 27 pieces of fabric in here.  I realised, if I was ever going to get to grips with this lot, I needed to filter down a bit more ...

These are prints that are suitable for skirts for me or dresses for my 2 little nieces 
These are plain skirt-weight lengths
These are all suitable for tops/blouses - partly because of weight/drape and also
due to quantities that I have.  Lots of these are vintage/thrifted pieces, I bought what
was available.  Some are for me, some for my daughter A 

These are a real mix, some are destined for bags and others were bought because
I love the prints - I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them!
So that lot shouldn't take long to motor through then!

And these are the 'more than 2 metre' lengths, enough to make a dress easily

Oh, this looks a bit more manageable ... there are only 20 pieces in here.  Shame I have such a struggle with fit issues, I could make a few dresses and really impact on this lot!

These are all cotton/cotton mix - so if I could just rustle up 11 dresses
quickly I'd have this lot under control!

This is wool, it's beautifully soft, I have over 3 metres

Novelty prints - I have pretty immediate plans for 2 of these
Beautiful jewel coloured silks from India - a gift from my brother.  I have about 4 yards of each
I've had them ages - I can't pluck up the courage to cut them!

So that's it then, piece of cake.  Apart from a distinct lack of courage, sewing skills and the ability to make something fit I am good to go!


* In the interests of total honesty I have not included the following contents of my stash - muslin fabrics, quilting fabrics, home décor fabrics, Christmas fabrics or articles for refashioning ...  I can only climb one mountain at a time!


SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Jacq - I can see that you have the stash addiction problem as badly as a few of us - it doesn't take long to creep up :). Sorting the stash is a good idea. Your optimism is fantastic - and with a stash you can develop your skills - cos as you say, it's waste if it just sits there. The silks are drool worthy - sometimes you have fabric in the stash just to worship! I love the wool - I guess that's waiting until you feel confident enough to make something smart.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

P.S. I think all of us hoard patterns too...

Beverly said...

I love looking at other people's fabrics. You have some pretty things!

Anonymous said...

Wow so good organised! Sometimes I think that while packing all nicely in the boxes mmake me loosing an overview what I really have. I just don't want to open a box as I don't want to destroy the order :-) Then I am just buying new fabric forgetting to check what I have.
I am thinking of making the same stash map as Sarah.
This could warkt! I could always have it with me (almost always :-) ) and I could as well register what I have already used...

Far said...

Thanks for letting us ogle your collection! I'm new to sewing clothes too, almost 2 years here. I also picked up quite a bit of my fabric at the thrift store, which can mean that the yardage might not be enough to use for a particular project I have in mind at that time and they stayed in the stash... and i picked up more fabric, and it grew and grew...

Mary said...

Gorgeous stash, and it will be even more beautiful sewn up. Have fun using it.

Anonymous said...

You are so organized! There is no way I will ever get that way.

Nice to meet you.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I love it Beata - I love method and order, and structure as well - I don't even like disrupting my catalogue!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

What a fantastic stash you have.. I love how organized you are..

Giggles said...

I always tend to see my sewing in terms of cost of fabric, so when I see something at a price I grab it. In reality I need to start and see my sewing in terms of time. I have fabric for maybe 8 cotton summer dresses, all of which were 'good deals', but in reality it is going to take me at least 3 weeks to sew one dress (if not more) so that is actually 8 months work right then and there ... sigh, and to make matters worse I actually mostly wear separates in my daily life :-)

Jacq C said...

Oh, you made me laugh out loud! I am drawn to dress patterns but I have yet to conquer fit issues so they're almost entirely untouched. I daren't think about projects in terms of time, I'll grind to a complete halt :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Giggles - me too! We all have a distorted and unrealistic idea I think of how long all this takes. I've got about 50 years worth of sewing time ahead of me in my stash, Jacq's the same!