Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marjorie's Stash

My name is Marjorie, and I am a clothing project parts hoarder.  I am a devoted quilter, but somehow my other sewing never happens.

About once a year I think that's going to change and I buy patterns, fabric and notions.  The 6 big bins and the wire drawers are about 70% of the stash.

My issue is fitting.  I foolishly believe that a pattern should turn into a wearable garment.

But I end up with neck holes that don't fit over my head.

Or dresses that fit like a sack.

Even things that I made once that turned out well (like some burgundy leather chaps) seem to have different shape in the remake (pink snake skin chaps that are too flared at the bottom and look like PJ's when I'm standing around).

I started a list of projects that I have the parts for and need to sew.  The list has 36 items that represents a variety of knit, leather, dresses and basics.
Goal # 1 is to get some muslins made of basic shapes like t-shirts, tanks, pants, skirts and fitted dresses.

This is the 4th attempt at a t-shirt and I ALMOST have it figured out.

I'm hoping that all of you will keep me motivated to work through the "wadders" and end up with some wearable clothes.


Ellen Walker said...

Marjorie, I'm excited to see your progress. I, too, am hoping to learn how to sew things that will fit. We're all in this together, right? Let's do it!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Marjorie, I too am finding fitting my older body so difficult. And honestly...I love fabric/patterns.. I am a hoarder. lol I see sales and I just can't resist.. I bring in a lot more than I could possiably sew.
I am really looking forward to this stash sew a long.. I love the structure of it.
Also, look forward to meeting new people.. Good luck on your new goals.. I hope to post mine soon. Happy sewing.

Jacq C said...

Oh, the elusive fit ... we can all go on an epic search together! I think your stash s impressive - be proud! :)

Far said...

You Know, Im Mighty Curious About What's Inside Of That Stash Bins Of Yours.... There's Nothing I Like Better Than Seeing, Feeling And Smelling My Stash, Hehehe, But To See Yours Too!!! Lol... From What I Saw On Your Head, And Pants On Your Motorbike, I Bet They.Are Eclectic And Glorious. Look Forward To See Your Projects :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Marjorie , fantastic that you have put the first post up - that should break the ice...

I agree with Jacq - your stash is enviable - nothing quite like a good fabric stash, as Far says, - great to touch, feel, and smell.

I have a suspicion we all have biggish stashes and are all having problems finding time to sew, and for getting that fit right.

Let's hope we all learn from each other (and from each other's mistakes) in the next few months.

Beverly said...

I store some of my fabric in those plastic totes too. I would love to go through yours to see what goodies you have hidden in there!

Mary said...

Hi Marjorie, It will be fun to watch your progress in fitting.

dkswife said...

Nice to meet you. It will be great seeing what you make w/ your lovely fabrics!