Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pattern Stash Raid

This weekend I went to Mom's house for Memorial Day Weekend.  When she recently found out that I was trying to sew clothes again, she insisted that her dress form come back to my house.

It has lived here before.  Unused and gathering dust.  Went back to her house since my house and storage options are far more limited.

I am fairly certain that the last time it was used was about 1952.  Estimate is based upon the fact that my oldest brother was born in 1953 and by the time mom was no longer wearing maternity clothes, it was the mid 60's and clothing wasn't fitted.

  There was a bag in front of it that I didn't even ask permission...just packed it in the truck.

The 25 cent patterns are copyright 1947-1949.  Price went up to 35 cents in the 50's.

I LOVE the 40's.  Maybe I lived then in some past life.  I wear so many of mom's college clothes from the late 40's on a regular basis up until today.

The only thing keeping me from sewing all of these immediately, is that post-war patterns used 4-5 yards of fabric in celebration of the end of fabric rations.

Dang.  Like my list of things I want to sew wasn't already long enough.


Jacq C said...

What an amazing haul - I love vintage patterns for the artwork alone. I am green with envy, not a good shade on me, it will go with very little in my stash! :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Oh Marjorie, what a fantastic haul. Love those vintage patterns. You could probably fold out a bit of the fullness from the very full 50's skirts.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Oh what a wonderful addition to your sewing room. Love the vintage patterns too.. And as Sarah suggested, you probably could take out some of the fullness of the skirts?
and how nice that you are using your mom's mannequin.

Far said...

Exciting! You are right though, I noticed that these patterns eat up so much yardage! :)

Mary said...

Fantastic additions to your stash...have fun with all those great patterns :-)

Anonymous said...

I love vintage patterns, and you got a vintage dress form to boot! Awesome.

Nice to meet you.