Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maxi Skirt

I made this using  Simplicity 1782  and it took 2 yards.

To read more:  Beverly's Maxi Skirt

I got the blues...#5,6,7,8

A major part of my beach capsule (mini wardrobe) is New Look 6838.
I want to have a few cute and flattering tees to go with some loose fitting beach pants.  I spend the winter in the desert and then on the Sea of Cortez (in a small fishing town in Mexico).  It's windy and sometimes cold.  So I need a few clothes that are easy to wear and clean, plus will provide protection fromthe sun and wind.

I have 2 tees done-one has 3/4 sleeves and a boat neck; the other is sleeveless.  Want to see them?  I used the same fabric which is a soft sweater knit.  It is super comfy.  I know these are going to be faves in my wardrobe.

The pants I envision are also from NL 6838 but I haven't had the same luck with the fit.
I cut and sewed a small for the muslin, after looking at the finished measurements on the tissue.  Oh lordy, do I have some clown pants!  And, I do not know how I did this, but the pockets are right at my thighs...???

Here they are.  Don't snort too loud.

These made great pj pants.  My DH is camping and I know he'll enjoy laughing at me when he returns.
Never give up is my motto sometimes. :-)  I tried again, and cut an extra small, with modification on the hip curve.  I shaved even more off.  These are almost wearable in public.
more pjs

My plan is to take a break from clown college, and sew a dress. Stay tuned for the third and real version, sure to be a wonderful beach item.

Yardage used: 3/4 sleeve top=1 1/2 yds
                      sleeveless top=1 yd
                      pants #1=2 7/8 yds (45")
                      pants #2=2 7/8 yds (45")

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I used this pattern to make dresses for my Mother and two sisters that live in upstate New York.  I usually visit them this time of year, but this time couldn't make it.  I won't be there but my dresses will.

Yes, all three are alike - which made it easier to make three of them in less than a week.  I'm hoping my peeps won't mind the look alike styles.  Maybe they can wear them on an outing - maybe a little afternoon trip up to lake country - mmmmm that would be nice.

I decided that making three maxi's would be a great way to help me do a little stash busting - 3 dresses = six yards used.  The two lively prints on the left are jersey knits purchased at Metro Textiles on one of my New York trips, and the ITY knit for the dress on the left was from Fabric.Com several years ago.    I still have enough of the ITY knit for another dress.

The Mission Maxi is a super easy dress to pull together, consisting of just two main pattern pieces and 3 bands to finish the neckline and armholes.  All three dress were machine hemmed using my longest zig-zag stitch to create lettuce hems.  I know my folks already have plenty of cute sandals  to pair with these dresses.

June Skirt Finished

I did it - made another garment for June - that makes a skirt, a polar fleece jacket and a little polar fleece vest out of the scraps.

This skirt used up 1.7 yards of stash - a baby wale corduroy, not very good quality (from Spotlight)  that has been hanging around for years.   It has a godet pleat insertion at the back, otherwise it is a standard straight (not pegged at all, so it looks a little A-Line - which I like) skirt.

Corduroy skirt, Front

The next picture shows the back - I have pulled the skirt sideways and angled the godet out a bit so you can see it. Black is hideously awful at showing detail.

Corduroy skirt, Back
I've also been playing with trouser muslins - and that has eaten a bit of stash this month.   My last attempt worked - and also used up another yard of calico.  

A Valance & Car Trash Bags

I made this valance for my guest room (1-1/2 yards) & 2 more trash bags (1 yard).
Not terribly exciting sewing, but necessary.

Curtains for sewing room

These curtains were an effort to block the summer sun from heating up my new south-facing attic sewing room. They were also an experiment in using the ruffle foot attachment on my old "vintage" Singer Model 15 sewing machine that was my mother's. It worked great, and I had fun. I used a blackout lining to hopefully help block the heat.
2 yards cotton fabric
2 yards blackout lining
3 yards cotton cut into six-inch wide strips for ruffles
Total: 7 yards from stash.

Knit top

I started Simplicity 1716 yesterday, and finished it today. It's made of a very light-weight cotton knit that I bought a couple of years ago from Hancock's, I believe. I wasn't sure if I'd like it and how it would work, but I love it! The pattern is interesting, easy, and modest, and the fabric is just right for summer coolness.

I did the sleeve from view C.

Total yards used: 1 1/2.

Skirt & blouse

This is what I wore for the wedding. The blouse is made of quilter's cotton. I saw a 7/8-yd remnant of it at JoAnn's and fell in love with it. It has birds and butterflies and flowers in just the right colors--pink and blue. But there wasn't enough, so we made a trip to another JoAnn's to buy another yard of it off the bolt. So 1 7/8 yard for the blouse. The skirt is made of a wool gabardine from Denver Fabrics. I bought enough of it to make a jacket, too, something that will happen (hopefully) in the future. It took just over a yard. Total fabric used: about 3 yards.

Check out my blog to see why making the skirt made me giggle.

Friday, June 28, 2013

First Style the Stash Item completed: A Ladies Shirt!

It took a while, but finally 2 metres of stash have been converted into a blouse that, I am very proud to say, I have made all myself!

It is the first blouse I've ever attempted and so I chose Butterwick "Fast and Easy Classics" 6085 and a fabric I bought on ebay last summer.

This is the result:

And these are the blog posts I wrote about it's production:


Now just to finish my other half completed stash-busting top that is waiting patiently in pieces!

Simplicity Stashbuster

Hello there!

Last weekend I managed to complete my second stashbusting project for June, a dress using my black and white linen blend fabric and Simplicity 1652.

What attracted me to the pattern was the lovely cut out feature on the back:

I had to do quite a few alterations to get it to fit properly, which I've detailed here on my blog. 

Stash used on this project: 2m.


Hello Fellow Sewing Enthusiasts! 

My name is Maria and I am a dressmaker. I have been sewing for over 20 years now, but I unfortunately, I have been quite inconsistent... life does tend to happen quite a bit.

My problem...sewing garments that no longer reflect my style.  This time in my life, I am leaning more towards longer skirts, looser jackets, tunics and dresses.  I am at home quite a bit taking care of my multiple disabled daughter, so my clothing has to be comfortable, modest (because of all the bending) and feminine. 

I enjoy natural fibers.  And would prefer linen and wool over synthetics.

When I came across this site, I was so excited about the whole concept.  Sewing from my stash is a bit of a hassle, one that I have tended to ignore continually.  I will go and purchase fabric, before I go through the process of selecting the fabric from my bins.

This site and especially all of you, are such a motivator to me.  To use up everything that I have horded stashed for so long :) is a terrific idea! And the fact that it runs throughout the whole year is even better.  What a fantastic way to create a good habit ;D 

The picture above was one of the last outfits I sewed, that truly did not fit my style.  I enjoyed making it, but once I wore it, I realized it is only for date nights and such...I need more casual clothes at the moment :) 

The fabric came from my stash ( woo hoo!) so I guess, I had already started ;)

It is nice meeting you all!  I blog here...

Stop by when you can...

Peace and happy sewing.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Easy pants and tops

I have used up some more of my stash - woo hoo!

This time I made some stretch pull on pants and a princess cut t-shirt
And another sweater knit jumper
You can see details of patterns used and modifications made here on my blog.
Total stash used up for these three items - 4.90m


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4th of July Washi

I finally got something totally finished, and in plenty of time for next weekend's festivities.....

This is the Washi Dress by Made by Rae.  You can see my first Washi Dress here.
 I made a few modifications to make this work, adding 5/8" to the front bodice (moving bust darts down), chopping the back in two at the empire waist line just below shirring marks.  Don't forget to account for the extra 5/8" seam allowances here.  I didn't, and had to chop off the front of the dress which was too long.  This works just fine for me because I am super short.  I also cut the skirt on the bias to make a chevron pattern, using the fold line of the front and back skirts as the two-piece front and back skirt of the dress.
 It was tough getting the waistline to match on this because of the pulling of the shirred lines, but it is close enough for my taste, and the rest of the stripes match front and back, which is the visual piece that would really be bad if mismatched.
All in all, I love this, and will proudly wear it at an Independence Day party we are helping host on the 6th of July.

Posting for Kathy...

Hello everyone,

One of our members (Kathy) is blogless at the moment but is still sewing and styling her stash along with us - and she has been very busy...

I'll post  her email so that Kathy can speak for herself :-

I have finished the first two items from my stash. The skirt is from a self-drafted pattern which fits! Woot! The fabric is a remnant of curtain material which was given to me years ago. Haven't a clue what it is but it is very nice.

The cardigan is the Style Arc  Abby Cardi pattern. The fabric is some interlock bought from Spotlight at least two years ago. I will make this pattern again in a more drapey fabric next time.

My stash isn't enormous but needs to be whittled down so I can buy more  heh heh!. This Stash Sew A Long is a great incentive to sew without any pressure.
Congratulations to all the participants who are producing such a great range of items.


The Wedding Is Over

Hi, it's Ellen from Utah again. :-) Our wedding is over, and it was a great success. The bride and groom are happy and home from their honeymoon and getting settled. All the little children looked darling in their pink dresses and gray vests with blue bow ties. I did most of the sewing for the dresses and vests before the month of June, but there were a few that didn't happen until the week before the June 14 wedding. Here is one of them.

This is Butterick 3714. It took about 2 yards of pink satin fabric, plus 1/2 yard of organza overlay for the bodice and sleeves, plus 2 yards of pink lining, plus 2 yards of gray tulle for the ruffle on the lining under the skirt, for a total of about 6 1/2 yards. I made two of these particular dresses, but the other one was completed in May, so I guess it technically doesn't qualify for the stash sew-along. But that's okay! For more pictures, check out my blog.

Once I get pictures of me in my outfit that I sewed a few days before the wedding, I'll post those too. Then I hope to move on to some basic sewing for my personal wardrobe!

Red and Gray, The Colors for Today

...And the sky.
I used .75 yard of gray and 1.75 of red. For a total of 2.5 yards.
It started out all nice bright and sunny. But whilst I am writing this entry, the skies darkened. The wind began to blow. The chime got louder. Then came the thunder.
Sounds like a movie opening for Steven Spielberg? Lol. It really happened. True story.

I've been MIA for a while. I have been sewing. I just have yet to wear and post. I also had to recover from traveling. So happy sewing and here's my latest.

V8711 (skirt) and NL6521 (OOP; top)

 I love this shot.
More on the website:ScheyButta
My next project to have done by the end of the month is Butterick 5884 in a gradient, yet alternating striped blue fabric.

Until later, Everyone!

Marfy has renewed website!

Have you seen new layout and look of the Marfy website?
I like it very much – it is more user-friendly, easier to navigate, easier to make account( I am not so sure if this option was available before?) and easier to place an order – much too easy Glimlach.

Marfy patterns website - dresses, skierts, tops, garments, couture, italian design
New look of Marfy website -
If you cannot decide what to sew - heck this site - I am sure you can find something suitable!

The Marfy patterns are so feminine and elegant – don't you think?
I always wanted to order a pattern and now with this new website you feel more welcome to do this – so I have done Glimlach, ooops....
It will be my next project in the 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long. I am sure I can find a fabric in my stash to make this simple dress 
sewing pattern Dress 3069

Two Down, Three to Go!

I've completed two of the five garments in the first mini wardrobe.  The patterns I used were BWOF 8-2005-102 (skirt, 1.5 yards) and Kwik Sew 3558 (jacket, 2 yards).  Clicking on either link takes you to the related blog post.

Next on line is a knit top from McCall's 6078 and a simple pencil skirt.  The final garment, a wrapped blouse, will probably take a bit of time.  

I wanted to express a hearty congrats to all who are diligently knocking down that stash!  I follow this blog daily and marvel at everyone's accomplishments.


Great Northern Irish Sewing Bee ?? And other stories!

Today we had 6 sewing machines up in my kitchen and load of sewing took place from my stash of bits...

If you want to see all the old Singer hand cranked sewing machines we used (and 2 electric ones) then go take a peek here: 

Anyway this is the little pile of stuff we made - one item of clothing in there too..... a skirt - folded on the left.

Meanwhile I'm still working on two items for the Style the Stash Challenge and they should be finished in a couple of days... a shirt which just needs button holes, and a top in the Ugandan fabric that just needs sleeves... 

Watch this space because SOON they will be finished...  :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Items

It's Dot at  with more completed items. This is McCall's 6367 sleeveless top with the gathers removed from the yoke front and back and the topstitching omitted.
The fabic is lime cotton and the added buttons are clear.

Butterick 5720 Jacket and Butterick 5147 dress made in teal crepe. The dress was altered by removing 1 1/2" from each side. This picture is a looks more aqua than dark teal/almost hunter.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally Some Finished Items!

I've got 3 new tops and almost done with a pair of pants. I'd spent awhile having no sewing mojo but I think it's back, with a vengeance :)

McCall's 6504 in an olive green cotton voile. I still need to hem it but I haven't been out to buy matching thread. I used a brown thread to sew it but need matching (obviously) to hem it.

Blog Post

McCall's 6754 in a grey and black striped ponte knit. This is a nice pattern that sews up really quickly. There's already more than half a dozen reviews on PR and I think there'll be many more through the summer. It was my daughter's idea to do the black trim. I like it :)

Blog Post

Butterick 5493 (OOP) has several cute views. I like this one best and the other with full ruffle might be next. I used a knit remnant that I picked up from Hancock for like $1.50 for the yard. 

Progress on Simplicity 2700.  Since this photo, I've taken out the side seams a little bit to reduce the whiskering. Now, I just need to add the waistband and hem them.

That's 5.5 yards used!!

Trials and Tribulations - and a nearly finished garment

Hi All

It's been really inspiring to see all your completed projects in June.

I haven't managed to finish a single stash-busting garment - not for the want of trying but because my sewing machine is in a bad way, I think it might be the end :(

I'm currently looking at buying a new machine, the choice is mind-blowing, and I'm not good at shopping so am actually finding it quite stressful, worrying about making the wrong choice.  I tested 2 yesterday, I'm back at the shop next Saturday to try another couple of machines.  Hopefully this time next week I'll actually be able to do some sewing.  If you've got any recommendations I'd be glad to have them.

In the meantime I've been matching patterns with fabrics, it makes me feel like I'm joining in just a little bit, on the periphery.  At least I should be good to go once I have a working machine.

Anyway, I have an almost finished garment - it is waiting for 7 buttonholes (and the corresponding buttons) and it will be done.  (I finished a refashioning project by hand, I'm not going to attempt to do that with the buttonholes!)

It's a second version of Tilly's Picnic Blanket Skirt - I've wanted a black & white version (with bigger squares) ever since I made my first one.  I wear this a lot, I love gingham, so I'm hopeful this will be in frequent rotation - just need to get it finished before the end of what is apparently our summer in the UK!

I had just about 1.4 metres of fabric, that was all that was left on the bolt when I bought it.  This one is not as long as the last one, due to lack of fabric, it's a good job I'm short!  I didn't even have enough fabric to make the pockets and decided to do without. 

Does this scrape into June stash-busting even though I can't finish it?  I'm afraid it's a tiny contribution to the stash-busting total - I hope to make a bigger contribution in July :)


McCalls 8609 [Judy's quick Sewing Fix]

  I have made this blouse before , so the fitting was already done.  I have been super
busy , painting Kenny's deer cabin, so I haven't had any sewing time.. Yesterday, I
decided to do a quick blouse. [I needed my sewing fix!!!].  I have had this fabric for 2 yrs.
This is not the pattern, I had originally planned for the fabric..[Plans do change!!]
It was simple to make, and I have really enjoyed wearing the previous one, I made.
[I have enough golden color linen to make a matching skirt, so that will be in my future,
but for now, I will wear it with some olive green capris ,that I already have]

                                                     McCalls 8609 view B [white version]

Stash busting-- Used 2 1/4 yds fabric.