Monday, June 3, 2013

Remaining Summer Plans

My summer fabric stash is nearly gone!  Woohoo!

I have a few more pieces, though, so this is what I am planning for June so that I can get on with my first capsule.  You can see the summer pile in this post, minus the jersey I was dying.

1. Pants with the turquoise fabric.  My pants quest continues, as do all of yours (I think).  I would like to be cutting this into a pattern that works really soon.  Contenders are Vogue 2948 and BurdaStyle 136 06/2013
2. A dress out of that crazy black/white print.  I got it cheap, and I have a feeling it was because of the wackiness of the printing on it.  I think I can make this work
3. I overdyed a jersey that I really didn't like.  It went from blue to purple.  It will become a simple top, probably one with sleeves.  I have a pattern in my stash in mind for this, but I've forgotten the number.
4. I think I finally have a good idea for this:
I envision it becoming this:
The Cotton and Curls blog gives a full tutorial!  Now, all I need to do is get some lining fabric.
What do you all think?
I kinda ruined the white linen leftovers.  Maybe I will post about it on my blog, and maybe I will pretend it never happened.
I also have three items that were mostly done in May and need finishing, so I am hoping for some productive time in June.  Now, can someone just send the weather gods a message that it should be spring in Vienna already so that I can wear some of this stuff?


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Heather, I laughed at your message about the spring.. I think, all over the world [I am in USA], it is taking a long time to see the spring.. we have had a lot of rain and really cool temps..
I love your sewing ideas.. and the polka dot skirt will be gorgeous.. Can't wait to see it.

Heather said...

Yes, it is really depressing at this point. 50 degrees and raining here today. I think that skirt is going to be awesome, and a pretty simple sew (except that I am dealing with crepe chiffon).

Scheryka said...

Yummy.... the dots are in order!

Mary said...

This will be wonderful. I love the dots.

Beverly said...

I love polka dots. Can't wait to see the skirt.

Far said...

Chiffon Polka Dots? Love It.. Are You Wanting To HavE The Skirt As Flowy As In The Picture? If So U Might Want To Line It With similar Fabric I Would Think... A Chiffon Too.

Heather said...

Yes, I would prefer flowy. Off to find the perfect lining tomorrow!

Janine said...

I'm really impressed with the first line of your post - 'My summer fabric stash is nearly gone!'.
Your remaining plans sound wonderful.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

The spotty chiffon is gorgeous - it will be a challenge to sew, but you are working with simple pieces, so that's part of the problem solved :)

There's lots of things I pretend never happened, but I tend to blog about them anyway. It's only words and fabric.