Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sarah Liz says Hi, and Trouser Muslin Madness.

Hello everyone -

* Firstly I just want to say how fantastic you have all been with your stashbusting efforts - so many different fabrics and some fantastic and inspirational ideas about how to use them - some of them make you want to go out and buy more stash - aprons, car trash bags and then lots of lovely clothes.

* Secondly, we have a few new members - the most recent, Zoe, is our youngest member - I am always thrilled when younger people start to sew, because that is sewing's future - I'll be off visiting Zoe's site to see what she gets up to.  

 Zoe, and anyone else who is new and has not done this yet - so we can get to know you, please post a short introduction and tell us about your stash and sewing goals.  Also, if you visit the top of this page, you will find more information about what this sew style stashbuster is about.

Zoe's blog:

* Thirdly, my skirt plans have slightly derailed - I've got one cut out ready to go - but this week I decided that I needed a new pair of more formal trousers/pants - ostensibly for work, but I found a pair in the wardrobe that will do for now - which takes the pressure off actually making them.  Pressure is the killer of creativity, and I want to actually work on muslins and solve crotch and fitting problems and then make the pants.  I've learnt a lot this year, and now I want to integrate that learning and get a better fit.  So this weekend I have ploughed through quite a bit of stash and made pants muslins - 4 in total.  2.5 yards of stash gone :)

And yes, if you think I'm looking slightly fed up in all this, I probably was - cold weather and flimsy muslins and standing for self timed photo's are not good mood enhancers :) .

During the week I will be discussing these muslins on my blog for those of you interested in trouser making and fitting.  My blog:

* And lastly - do have a good week everyone - and this is the last week of June, so time to finish your June project - or roll it into July.  And time to start thinking about your July projects and posting your ideas - that really helps everyone stay motivated.

Sarah Liz :)


Dk's Wife said...

I think your muslins turned out well. Are you happy with them?

Mary said...

Your muslins look good. Whatever fabric you choose will affect the drape so I think you are ready to make a mockup with "real" fabric. and yes, you look fed up. :-)

Zoe said...

The muslins look great :)
Thanks for mentioning me, I have a dress that should we ready by the end of the week so I will introduce myself to everyone then.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

You have a new picture up :) . Yes, each fabric handles differently, and each cut out is slightly different :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Thank you Zoe, and looking forward to your post later this week :)