Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some of Sally's Stash and Stuff

Hello there fellow Stash Stylers!  I'm Sally and I think this Style the Stash Sew Along is a fantastic idea!  (Thanks SarahLiz)

So, I seem to have gathered quite a bit of fabric and most of this has happened without any real plan for each piece.  (I think have "ebay clicky finger syndrome" ;) )

I've decided just to show a few pieces for now.

The first bit is a huge (and I mean huge) bit of thick navy woollen material (it looks purply in this picture, it's not). I bought it from a seller on ebay that had been making riding habits for ladies who ride side saddle and there is plenty enough for a full habit here! However, I'm really not sure what to do with it - my first instinct was just to make it into a horse blanket!

From the same supplier is some grey wool suiting material.  Seems good quality to me, and I really need to be brave enough to make this into something useful.

This next piece is much more fun.  I bought it in a Ugandan market in 1999, and have used it as a wrap around skirt thing in the way the Ugandan ladies do several times.  I think I might now make it into a loose summery top.

I bought many metres of this light cotton in an ebay bundle once.  Guess it's a blouse, or five, one day.

And then this cotton piece that I think could make nice casual shorts or some such.

Currently I'm working on a blouse from another stash piece

It's not finished yet, but you can check out it's progress here: A Blouse or an Origami Puzzle

PS  Suggestions for the huge bit of blue woollen blanket welcomed.  I'm guessing there could be 8 metres there, so plenty of scope!  LOL


Dk's Wife said...

Hello! I love the fabric that you got from Uganda. It is so pretty. Have you thought about making a coat or jacket from the navy wool?

Janine said...

Hi and welcome, Sally. My first thought was a coat too.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Sally - it looks as though you like buying fabric in bulk :) I also have metres and metres of the same fabric - has to come in handy, I always think!

If the blue wool is very thick (assume it is if you thought a horse blanket) a coat would be lovely - but that would still leave you with a sizeable chunk - so jackets, blankets, throw rugs, doggy coat.

Clicky finger syndrome - very easy to develop, as I understand :)

I think we are all looking forward to seeing the Ugandan cotton made up :)

Sally Burch said...

I guess I'll have to be brave and try a coat. I'll need to think carefully about the style I choose.

However I think the Ugandan fabric is calling me more right now. The sun is blazing here in N.Ireland right now - so I'll need to sew it quick or our summer will be over again! ;)

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Hi Sally,
I laughed when I read your "ebay tricky finger syndrome".. I have that too.. and also "other online tricky finger syndromes."ha.
I love the stripe and checks.. so pretty. And also the piece for the wrap a round skirt.. Happy sewing. judy
ps I think the heavy pieces would be great for jackets.

Heather said...

You know, a cape could be simpler (and less intimidating) than a coat.

Sally Burch said...

Hmmm.... Yes a cape idea might work. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks.

Oh and glad to hear that I'm not the only one who haunts ebay trying not to click! LOL

ozviking said...

I have to agree with the comments above. My first thought was a coat - next I thought of a cape ha ha. I also love the colours and pattern of the Ugandan piece. Isn't a length of fabric the best souvenir to buy when travelling?

Scheryka said...

Yummy colors.... Welcome.

Mary said...

Sally, love your stash and I think you'll get lots of inspiration here. Your stash will be depleted in no time. :-)

Sally Burch said...

Ha ha Mary! I didn't show it ALL!! Just a few bits I think I will use next! LOL....

I think the Uganda fabric will be next. My MIL has just passed me a nice pattern from a Prima mag