Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stash Scraps Vest

Hi everyone - as those of you that follow my blog already know, I recently made a little vest out of polar fleece.  I used up all parts of a prior muslin of the jacket (made up out of scraps of fleece from another project)  along with remains from my first stashbusting project, the polar fleece jacket.  So this jacket is made from multiple stash scraps.  I was careful with my panel placement so that the different dyelots "worked" - you can see the front panel is slightly darker than the side front in the photo above - but that just adds a nice central line.  In real life it is barely noticeable.

I can't quantify the amounts I used here as they were scraps leftover.  Some of us like using every last inch of our fabric stash - it can go on trims, pockets, facings, and even little vests.

Happy stash styling and sewing :)

Sarah Liz


Mary said...

I didn;t even notice the different dye lots. This is such a cute look for you since you are slim. Make more!!

I love to wear polar fleece vests in the winter when I ride. Let's list the layers: bra, cami, turtleneck, polar fleece vest, parka/barn coat, gloves, scarf, ear warmer, hard hat. How do I even get on the damn horse?

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I tend to dress that way as well - it's hard work - I love it when summer rolls around and it's one bra and a throw on dress :)