Saturday, June 15, 2013

When I drop salsa

On my new blouse at lunch today, it probably won't show.  It's a little frilly for my age, but hey I live in the South.  And it's toned down by my somber banker's grey Style Arc Linda pants.

And beyond that, I've been sewing home dec.  No way!  The windows in this bedroom have not been covered in the twelve years I've lived here.  I figure someone would have to really be a pervert, and eight feet tall, to sneak through the woods, over the creek, and tiptoe up to this window.  And then see me.  What a disappointment.  But now I'm having several guests, so I sewed up some curtains.
The best part is the fabric came from my Sewing Guild's fabric swap and not only was the right color, it was $1 per yard.  Four yards of a silky faille-like mystery fabric from the stash gone.


Far said...

You've KnOcked Out Quite A Number of yardage Here With Your Happy Blouse And The Curtains! Great Stashbusting Job!

Janine said...

The outfit looks good, definitely not too frilly. I like the curtain heading ... is it a special tape?

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Carole, finally a photo with your face in it :) Nice to see you at long last. The curtains are really lovely (the room looks lovely as well - very serene).

The view out of the window is beautiful.

Mary said...

Colorful and fun blouse which suits you. Nice job on those curtains (a sewing task I avoid).

Heather said...

"It's a little frilly for my age, but hey I live in the South"

I love that statement! I am from the Southwest, so I can get away with a Kokopelli or two. LOL. Great job! I think the fit and the colors are really nice on you!