Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Greetings all!

Here's the rest of what I completed in July:

More Pendrells.

Amy Butler Pendrell:
Vintage cotton fabric Pendrell:
Katy Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt Pendrell:
More vintage cotton Pendrell:
Alexander Henry poplin Pendrell in action:
So, yes I love this shirt.  I've been wearing them off and on for two weeks and love the fact that I don't have to fuss with them like I do with knit tanks.  Woohoo!  I still have linen solid Pendrells to make and then I'll move on.....maybe.  Total fabric used for these:  11.25 yards.

Once I finished the shirts, I had to stop everything and take care of some sewing room maintenance.  My ironing board cover looked like this:

I grabbed some vintage fabric from my stash (of course) and made an ironing board cover.
I use an extra wide ironing board, so buying a new one is out of the question. Especially at 2:00 a.m.  Here's the finished product.
Stash used:  1.5 yards of InsulBrite; 3 yards of fleece and 1.5 yards of fabric.  The rest of this fabric went back in the stash until it's kitchen towel making time again.
After I finished my ironing board cover, I went back to work making a sheetlin (muslin out of a sheet) of these Tofino shorts.

I've been wearing them for a week and.... I LOVE them.  Finally a pair of sleep/lounge shorts that fit the way I like.  Lower rise bermudas. Score!  I haven't had decent pjs in years.  When I was clearing out my closet/drawers, I had to admit that the 2 sets I made a couple of years ago were ready for the trash, so I tossed them and made these. Purchasing pjs was completely out of the question because they don't fit me well. I find the shorts too short and too tight in the hips while being too loose in the waist.  Irritating.  So, my tofinos paired with a tank, they are perfect for summer in Florida.  So, me being me, I cut out a ton of them and am sewing like mad to complete them so I can fill the empty drawer and have some proper jammies.  

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!

Orange + Python

In my quest to make my move less of a headache...I'm still here. So, to get my mind off some things, what do I do? I sew, of course. Here's what's been produced with 4 1/2 yards of stash fabric:
2   yards
 Aloe is such a great model.

2.5 yards
On me today while running errands.
More to the story and photos at over at Scheryka's.
Until later, keep bustin!

McCall's 6744 - 2 yards down!

But 5 yards added - oops. I made a quick trip to SR Harris to buy zippers (they're 50 cent - $1.00!) and found two awesome remnants at $2/yd. I'm going to get them sewn - soon!

Anyway, I made up 6744 before we went out of town as I really wanted to wear the dress in Georgia. It turned out really well using up 2 yards of lovely ITY knit.

More details on My Blog

Knit Top

Knit top, simlicity 1716, 1-1/4 yards.
see more at: bjsewmuchmore - knit top

I've been sewing, but not posting this month.  So, here I am, at the last minute.......

Denim Skirt

I made a long denim skirt using Simplicity 3796.  This took 2 yards.

more info at: bjsewmuchmore - denim skirt

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 Summer Tops

I finished 3 summer tops. They took 1-1/2 yards each for a total of 4-1/2 yards.

See more at:  bjsewmuchmore - summer-tops

Selfless Stashbusting


I'm ending July with a run of stash-busting projects I've made for other people.

I did say I was going to make another version of this dress for my DD's friend.  The ideal maternity dress for a girl who loves pink - this will match her hair perfectly ...

Doris is doing a pretty good job as a stand in -
it didn't occur to me but I should have added a cushion to
show how the dress will accommodate a growing bump!
Stash used - 2 metres.

For my 2 year old niece A - who has had her eye
on the rabbit fabric since I brought it back from Japan


And for my 2 year old niece C - with bias binding to match her shoes!
Stash used - 1 metre of the Japanese 'Rabbit' cotton and 0.25 metres of leftovers for the bias binding

And another dress for the Dress A Girl Around The World parcel -
I had enough to make a bigger size

I've had this fabric in my stash for ages - cannot remember where it came from.
I love the colours but they wouldn't suit me - this is a much better use of the piece
Stash used - 0.75 metres of fabric (the bias was leftover from another project so I'm not going to count that).

Now I've had a mixture of yards and metres that I've counted but I think my stash used in July is just over 12 yards - a massive improvement on June.  It does help to have a sewing machine that works!

Compared to many of you here I had a pretty small stash to start with - good job I'm going shopping in Goldhawk Road tomorrow!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

My July Stashbusters

Hello everyone.  I've finally got some stashbusters for July to share with you.  The miserable summer weather we'd been having up until a couple of weeks ago didn't seem to go that well with my stash fabric, but then things hotted up considerably and I was able to liberate a couple of pieces of fabric to make this top and skirt.

You can find out more about them here on my blog.

The top used 1 metre of cotton jersey and the skirt 1.2 metres of linen/viscose blend.

Another 100 metres of stash styled and sewn

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know that we have used another 100.45 yards of stash in July so far - and there are still a few days to go. Plus a bit more for undocumented stash (where I don't know how many yards you have used).

So add this to our June tally of 183.95 yards (documented), and we have used a whopping 283.9 yards of stash, just in our small community.  Pattern review has been holding a stash buster as well - and with 155 members they have used 868 yards in two months (3 days to go). 

Everyone, we have made a fantastic effort with our stash busting, especially as not all of you can actively sew every month.It's amazing what a motivated group effort over a few months can achieve.

Roll on August - I plan to use up quite a bit of stash - the first piece is cut ready to go.

Are your August plans ready yet?

Sarah Liz :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Skirt # 2 completed....

Yes, I did it, I managed to make my June skirts this month - having decided in June to make a jacket to go with the skirts instead.  So, now I have the skirts to go with the jacket.

Last week I posted the black skirt.  Today I finished the grey A-Line skirt, made in baby corduroy, from my stash.  I used 1:75 yards.

I have made a series of 3 corduroy skirts this winter - you can find them here:

It's time now for me to start thinking about spring/summer sewing - I'm determined to start early this year - and I have a lot of stash to work with :)

Sarah Liz

Scouts-projects #10 and #11

Grainline Studio published a very cool tee shirt pattern a few years back.  I was very late to this party, but did get a copy of the Scout tee a few weeks ago.  This pattern is for wovens and I have made the tee twice so far: once in a pleated silk, and again in a very sheer mesh/cotton blend.  Here is the pattern information:
woven tee in teal silk 
I like this pattern a lot-it has room for creativity and and alterations.  I love the RTW draft and sizing.  I usually sew a 10-12-14 in Big4 tees, but in this tee I sewed a size 6 through the bust and an 8 through the hips.  I think I could go down a size, especially through the hips.  The sleeves are sweet with their feminine flair and leave room for those of us who have muscles.
knit tee with no sleeves
I plan to make a few more, and adjust the neckline a bit lower, the sleeve cap a bit smaller, and maybe add long sleeves to one.  

loose fit with a cute flair in back-this test tee
has a wonky hem
stash used 1.5 yds each=3 yds total

Friday, July 26, 2013

Two Tilton dresses

For July I've finished two Tilton dresses, one the "French Housewife" dress, one the K Tilton pullover dress with the "peek-aboo" seams. Total yardage for both is 5 3/4 yards.  Enjoyed these both a  lot, wearing the green one now.  Tilton blouse underway for August.....



On the Butterick dress, I really had to scrimp on the fabric, and ended up piecing the back towards the sides.  Almost invisible, but I did it symmetrically, so hopefully anyone who notices will think it's a "design feature" ;)

Sewing Vintage Modern Polka Dot Dress

Hello all....
I am glad that I finally finished my new dress. This project was delayed because of my work on a men's shirt for my husband.

I used  2 yards of polka dot fabric, fusible interfacing, invisible zipper and same color of thread. All the materials are from my stash.
The pattern, I used Burdastyle Elizabeth Gathered-Waist dress size 34 for the dress bodice and instead of using straight-gathered skirt from the original pattern, I used pleated skirt pattern from my stash.

More details and pictures of the dress in my blog, Sewing Vintage Modern Polka Dot Dress
Happy sewing to you all!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A dress for me & dresses for others

I do love dresses - a whole outfit in 1 go - and this colour works with lots of accessories in my wardrobe

I'm on a bit of a roll and these are my latest contributions to the grand total of stash used for July
  • My second version of the Lisette Continental dress, using fabric I bought in Japan - 2.25 yards
  • 2 little dresses for the Dress A Girl Around The World charity, they take between 0.5 and 0.75 metres each so - 1.25 yards for both

The dresses are a great way of using leftovers from projects, I'm planning on making some striped ones to really impact on little bits in my stash.
So I think my total for July is 8 yards :)

4 yards used - Derby dress and Kelly skirt!

Some serious stash busting for me this week.  I made my first Derby dress by Christine Haynes.  I love it and it is so versatile – I wore it to a BBQ on Saturday, then working at home, and walking the dog! 

The fabric is a voile from ebay ( I think it’s Liberty) and I lined it with a red silk cotton mix from Stone Fabrics.  I cut a size 10, which fitted at the bust, but was enormous everywhere else.  Not kind to the hips!  So lots of changes to the pattern - I don't want to take up too much space here, but you can read more on my blog.

And then I made a Kelly skirt from a very small piece of vintage fabric, which I've had for about 3 years.

I lengthened it a bit and made a narrow waistband instead of the wide one given with the pattern.  This was because I had so little fabric, but I prefer the narrow version.  I find the wide one just folds over on me - I know, I should sit up straight!

Do you have a favourite summer dress pattern?  I'm on the look out for more!

Monday, July 22, 2013

NewLook 6849

I've finally finished my tunic and it took me longer than I expected. It seems as if I couldn't set aside sewing time but also, as I ran into the obstacles that come with sewing I kept putting it aside and I felt like abandoning ship but opted not to. Sewing is one of those arts that I just want to learn even if it's a slow process. Once I start I truly enjoy it, it's almost therapeutic. I had difficulty with the darts and setting the sleeves. The fabric was a little tough to deal with also, I should have chosen a light cotton for this tunic. I will post pattern picture as well as finish project because it's been a while since I posted this project. By the way I love viewing all your wonderful projects and reading about them. Until the next time.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

happy to be back after travel and other interruptions #9

keeping his eye on me
Hi group!  I've been reading along, but had to take a week to address some BAD horse behavior.  Nick and I have come to an understanding and all is well now.

Tonight I started on a Scout tee by Grainline Studio and am interested to see what the fit will be like.  There are so many cute versions out there in both wovens and knits-I'm excited to try this pattern.  Theresa, of Camp Runamuck, printed this pattern out for me, as well as the Archer shirt.  What a nice friend!

Here is my version of V8390 View B.  It is part of my beach capsule, and with it done, I now have 3 tops, one pair of loose pants (plus 2 pj pants which were my muslins), and a dress.  Everything goes together, so I can layer the tops over either the pants or the dress.  I have not included the dress in this blog because I made it before we started our stash busting.

This is a fun pattern to make and looks really great on.  It hugs the bustline, the V neck is flattering, and the wrap to the side gently emphasises the waist while hiding tummy fluff.  Highly recommended!!
I used 1 5/8 yds approx.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stash Skirt # 1.

Finally, my June plan has been started - I think I deviated in June and made a jacket, but had originally planned two A-Line skirts. 

Well, one has been made - not only did it use up stash, it also reduced my stress - it was very quick, simple and easy to make :).   The little picture below was the original inspiration - Margaret Howell, Fall/Winter 2010-2011.  I liked the skirt back then, and still do.

 So here is my version - a black pin wale corduroy, and my A-Line skirt pattern (I'm not sure what pattern it was originally, I just have the traced pattern I use- marked as "A-Line skirt".  Most A-lines are much the same anyway).

So, nice style and nice sewing:)

I hope to have the second one made next Saturday in grey corduroy. 

I used 1.75 yards of stash.

Sarah Liz :)

Two New Work Tops: New Look 6108

I was able to get a few hours of sewing in today as I left work a bit early and didn't have to make dinner - yay for me!

I finished my first version of the top and got number 2 stitched as well. I couldn't do the twisted strap as the wrong side of the fabric would then show. That's okay, I'm sure I'll make this top again at some point. It was really fast and easy and I will be wearing these tops to work next week I'm sure.

I used a total of 2 yards from my stash!

Pattern Review (same review for each top)