Thursday, July 25, 2013

A dress for me & dresses for others

I do love dresses - a whole outfit in 1 go - and this colour works with lots of accessories in my wardrobe

I'm on a bit of a roll and these are my latest contributions to the grand total of stash used for July
  • My second version of the Lisette Continental dress, using fabric I bought in Japan - 2.25 yards
  • 2 little dresses for the Dress A Girl Around The World charity, they take between 0.5 and 0.75 metres each so - 1.25 yards for both

The dresses are a great way of using leftovers from projects, I'm planning on making some striped ones to really impact on little bits in my stash.
So I think my total for July is 8 yards :)


Far said...

Lovely Dresses Jacq! :) So Fitting For Summer.... Looking At YOur Dresses Im So Tempted To Make Me One, But At The Rate Im Going, I Dunno When I Will Be Able To Make A Summer Dress. Probably Come Winter!

Sam said...

Wow, you've done well this month.

Anonymous said...

They are very nice dresses!

Hana said...

Lovely jobs! These dresses are perfect for summer. Love the fabrics and the style.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Jacq, you have excelled yourself this month - can't just be the new machine, I am sure. It's fun making dresses for summer - not so much oork as the winter ones - and so easy to wear. Your stash must be whittling down nicely - ready for more :)

Mary said...

Oh, I love the green dress, as well as the charity dresses. What a good use of stash!

Beverly said...

Pretty dresses & great way to use up that left over fabric.