Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Seriously Unwearable Wearable Muslin

 I decided to make a wearable muslin from Kwik Sew Pattern 3540.  I didn't really like the fabric I was using - a stretch cotton twill - so I decided I  had not much to lose by using it to test the pattern.

The trouser claimed to be slim fitting - the picture doesn't look too tight - but when I tried them on - skin tight.  Now I know a lot of people like that look, but I am not one of them.  My body is a little thin on the limbs, and any fitting problem in trousers is amplified.

The view from the side is the most flattering:

For the other views, visit my blog:

At least I got rid of a bit of stash that I didn't like, so there is good in all things :)  1.25 yards.

On to the next project...

Sarah Liz :)


Anonymous said...

You don't give up :-) I have made this trousers very long ago - well, first I cut it and then after 2-3 yeaers decided to sew it - just sewing - not thinking - wearable muslin. I did version without pockets. I still wear them aroung the hause.
I have just found out in my stash perfect fabric for another trousers muslin as well... in this way we will bust it all!

Anonymous said...

It is a learning process Sarah. I am making my first trousers in a very, very, very long time...but mine are not fitted, I don't think I can handle that right now :) m.

Mary said...

The side view looks great! Perhaps you are uber critical??

Scheryka said...

The Little Engine That Could! Keep going.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

HI Everyone - Yes, I am still chugging along...but the learning is great...I have learntI don't like skin tight pants (too darn uncomfortable and not flattering). The back view does not look great, nor does the front view!

But the biggest problem is the comfort factor !!