Thursday, July 11, 2013

How are you counting your stash used?


I am finally back up and running, having got my new sewing machine, I am so pleased with her, she's a delight to work with after all the problems I was having.  I've been busy familiarising myself with all she can do - this is such an upgrade for me :)

So I bought a Janome in the end - the TXL 607

I have even done some actual sewing - I have several projects part finished but this one is done and dusted - a commission from my nephew and niece (aged 6 and 2) for my sister-in-law's birthday today.

F is very into bird watching.  He bought his Daddy (my brother) a bird feeder
for his birthday in April because apparently 'he really wants one' - seriously!
This fabric (from my stash - result!) was perfect.

My new machine does a little bit of writing - this is the
exact wording F asked for.  And the heart shaped button is because
they love their Mammy.

A zipped pocket was essential because Mammy's carry
important stuff.
I can't tell you how chuffed I am to have been able to make a special present for F & A to give to their Mammy.  I love being an Auntie.

Oh, and the pattern is based on the tutorial by verypurpleperson - I've made it a couple of times now so the sizing is different, and the zipped pocket etc but just little tweaks.

But this brings me to my question - how are you calculating the stash you use?  The bird fabric was a really odd shaped remnant I bought a while ago, I didn't have definite yardage.  And the lining is the remains of a sheet all but used up on muslins.

Is it OK if I just estimate?  I don't want to cheat!

This is my best guess (and I worked it out in yards to make life easier for Sarah Liz):
2 yards - 1 each of the bird fabric and the lining sheet.

And I have 3 more on the go - I'm hoping to have a much better 'stash-busting' month in July.


Katej841 said...

Well, for me it depends. I'll report a dress I just finished as 2.5 yards, because I know I had three yds to start, and have about a half left. With another dress i finished a week or two ago I didn't measure the fabric beforehand, and am not really sure what I used. For that dress I will just use the chart on the pattern envelope for the size I made, and report that yardage.

Anonymous said...

I tend to count before I cut and then if I have a bit, like remnants, I just keep the number from before. If I have more than 1/2 yd remnant, then I'll discount that much from the number. I like your new machine. I think I am going to have to upgrade to a new one. The amount of sewing I have been doing is slowing down my vintage sewing machines and they are just not giving me the umph I need. m.

Mrs. Smith said...

What a nice gift!

I calculate roughly. If I have but scraps left, I count the whole yardage. If I'm not sure, I use the pattern envelope like Kate

Sam said...

I would calculate the same way as Mrs Smith.

Love the new machine, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with it!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Jacq - firstly, I am so thrilled you have your new machine and have got to grips with it. I just love the little projects you have made - so much fun to make and a great way to learn your machine and use stash at the same time - and from memory, you had small amounts in your stash.

The way everyone has mentioned about counting stash is spot on - use the envelope, see what is left from a piece, or estimate amounts. Thanks for doing the maths for me - I do convert metres to yards, but the tricky bit is when I have to convert fractions to decimals. That gave my brain a work out - years since I have done those sorts of calculations :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

P.S. - I love your orderly craft room too :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Whoops, rereading - the once project completed - I don't think I said how nice it was and it should bring much joy.

Jacq C said...

Thank you for all the kind comments and the tips for calculating my fabric usage - I think I got myself in a muddle because I've got quite a few bits of fabric that are such odd shapes it's hard to calculate the actual yardage - and I tend to play free and easy with the pattern! I need to make an actual garment, to the instructions, and then I'll know exactly what I've used :)

Mary said...

What an adorable present for your SIL. You are a good auntie :-) I calculate by the pattern envelope, and if I have scraps left over which will not be used again, I count those too. I am assuming if it is out of my stash, and going to my quilter friend, then it is used. So I sometimes have an extra 1/4 yd as stash used.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

I count my stash by calculating what the pattern envelope. and if I am making a project that I don't use a pattern, I measure my fabric before starting and see how much I have ?
the scraps [unless they are big pieces] go in a bin for my applique embroidering scraps.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Now you will have not enough stush to bust :-)
Enjoy sewing!