Saturday, July 6, 2013

project #9-a dress for all seasons

HI group!  I have been doing a TON of work around the house and yard, plus taking care of my horses and dogs.  Life continues to go on even though I want to stop and just hang out in my girl cave.

This is "old Woodrow" a few years back.  He looks the same except for grey on his eyes and face, with some roaning throughout.  He will be 26 this January, and is starting to show his age.  Woody is allergic to 26 plant materials found around here, and gets scabby bumps all over when stressed.  He is recovering from a recent outbreak of 200+ bumps when the weather changed drastically.  My other guy, Nick @ Night,  is solid in terms of health, and is a joy to work with.  He is learning the fine points of being a riding horse.
Okay, enough about my "kids".  What have I been sewing?
A dress from Butterick 5815-terrific pattern, fun sleeves, easy to wear and can be worn spring through fall.  Perfect :-)

fabric used: 1 3/4 yds


SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Mary - it was lovely to meet your kids - 26 years is a good age- I guess he has been well looked after. I guess you are teaching Nick the tricks of the game.

That dress would be so lovely to slip on after working out the horses or all the other horsey jobs, strapping, mucking out - must keep you quite strong too :)

Hana said...

Hi Mary... I really like your dress! It's simple but pretty.

Anonymous said...

Nice dress Mary. Especially the simplicity of the pattern. m.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful dress - easy and simple! Great children :-)

Mary said...

Thanks everyone, for the compliments on this simple shift dress. It's a sleeper of a pattern. redpointtailor, thanks for saying nice things about my "children". :-)