Saturday, July 27, 2013

Scouts-projects #10 and #11

Grainline Studio published a very cool tee shirt pattern a few years back.  I was very late to this party, but did get a copy of the Scout tee a few weeks ago.  This pattern is for wovens and I have made the tee twice so far: once in a pleated silk, and again in a very sheer mesh/cotton blend.  Here is the pattern information:
woven tee in teal silk 
I like this pattern a lot-it has room for creativity and and alterations.  I love the RTW draft and sizing.  I usually sew a 10-12-14 in Big4 tees, but in this tee I sewed a size 6 through the bust and an 8 through the hips.  I think I could go down a size, especially through the hips.  The sleeves are sweet with their feminine flair and leave room for those of us who have muscles.
knit tee with no sleeves
I plan to make a few more, and adjust the neckline a bit lower, the sleeve cap a bit smaller, and maybe add long sleeves to one.  

loose fit with a cute flair in back-this test tee
has a wonky hem
stash used 1.5 yds each=3 yds total


Jacq C said...

This is one of those patterns I keep meaning to try because I can see it's a wardrobe builder, I really like both of your versions :)

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Love your shirts.. looks pretty on you..
I need to buy this pattern.

Hana said...

They both are pretty! Nice work, Mary!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Mary, sweet sleeves, feminine flair and muscles :) I love the combination. I love the tops as well - the teal silk will be glorious to wear- it will feel like nothing, so light and cool.

Beverly said...

I like both your tops. Nice basics for hot weather.