Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sewing Plans Part Deux

Since moving, I haven't done much sewing. I finally figured out why...I don't have a cutting table downstairs and brining everything up to the dining room is laborious. Meh. I think I'll set up the small folding table for cutting. It's just as uncomfortably low as the dining room table, but at least I don't have to cart cutting mat, rulers, pattern weights, marking tools, scissors, etc, etc, etc

Here I detailed my plans. Of the 7 patterns I had in queue, I've sewn 4 of them: S2700, M6754, B5493 and M6604. I've started a muslin on M6140 and have the pattern cut and fabric washed for S1696.

I've put off the other views of M6604 and B5711 because they're long sleeved and it's hot. Really Hot.

I plan to sew S1696 this weekend (fingers crossed!). It's a very open weekend compared to last weekend's 4 hour Saturday and 8 hour Sunday full of softball (they won 1st place though!). And then next weekend is our epic road trip in which I hope to get lots of knitting done.

I digress...

I have also added to my "immediate" sewing plans:

M6744 in a gorgeously colorful knit.


NL 6108 - views B and C in some ITY knit that will be close cutting it yardage wise...but I think it can be done! :)

Edited to add an in progress shot of NL6108. I was ALMOST done when I found that I misplaced the back facing piece. I'll finish up tomorrow. 

And the top from NL 6035 in this black and gold jersey knit. (I want to make view B too!)

Tons of knits? Yes! :) I'm not giving myself a deadline...just sewing...


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Hope you get a cutting table set up soon.. It really helps to be able to cut in your sewing room..
Love your upcoming plans. Happy sewing.

Mrs. Smith said...

Thanks sew blessed maw!

My shoulder aches slightly after cutting today :/ I had the opportunity for a $50 kitchen island and should've taken it. I think we (meaning my husband) will be doing the Ikea hack soon!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

It's tedious not having a cutting table (I'm in that situation as well, but at least no stairs between my sewing room and the dining table). Isn't it interesting though, if you want to sew, you'll manage with what is around. Good luck with the ikea hunt.

That top is lovely: I have the NL pattern but haven't used it, so looking forward to seeing you make up the little top.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

PS, Nakisha, how much fabric did you use - only if you know off hand - if you are still settling in after moving, you probably have more on your mind than how much you used :)

Mrs. Smith said...

Oh, I'll be doing a proper post when I get these finished...but this top used 1 yard. Thanks!