Friday, August 30, 2013

A dress & some surprises - my August total

Hi Everyone

I'm afraid my August total is pretty measly compared to July.  I've been frantically busy at work so haven't managed to take my weekly non-working days.  Despite that I've ticked off some important sewing milestones, at least they are for me!

"Autumn in Tokyo" dress - my contribution to The
Sew Weekly Reunion challenge, to make something in the Pantone Fall 2013 colours

Firstly, Butterick B5450 (blogged about in detail here) - not only does this mean I managed to take part in The Sew Weekly Reunion, it was also my Sewlution to make a fitted dress and conquer my bust.  Two accomplishments in one!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out - this feels like a significant sewing 'ta dah' moment for me!  I really took my time to try to figure out how to make the bust fit comfortably, but still have shape and no gaping at the back of the neck.  I don't seem to be very quick at this but it's starting to make sense.  Having put the hard work in I'm already planning a second version.

And proof of the amount of stash I used - 2.2 metres
The cost is in Japanese yen - about £2.90 from a Tokyo flea market

Secondly, I have a list of gifts I have been planning to make - I've had the stash fabrics picked out and set aside for sometime and I completed 2 of them this week.  I can't share at the moment as they look like this ...

... as the recipients don't have them yet.  I used stash but I've read the pattern and it says 1.5 yards for each, so that's another 3 yards.

I think that makes my total for August just over 5 yards.  It's a shame it's not as much as the fabric that's come into this house over the last 4 weeks!



Sam said...

You did so well in July it would be hard to match it in August, even without work being stupidly busy.

I love that dress, it looks great on you, and the time spent working out the fit was definitely worth it.

Jacq C said...

Thanks Sam - it's not totally spot on but it's definitely a step up for me :)

Heather said...

Gorgeous dress. I still have to master the FBA....

Dk's Wife said...

Lovely work. The dress is so pretty.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

HI Jacqu, I really like the dress - you have certainly got a lovely fit this time. It is quite a challenge to do that, especially when sewing time disappears on you. It has worked out beautifully though - so quality use of stash (it doesn't have to be quantity :) ).

Mary said...

Wow-great looking dress!