Thursday, August 15, 2013

No thanks to Blogger, but the Gallery is back up

Hi everyone, 

After Blogger having a bit of a hiccup with photo's for the gallery page, and after losing the July and August photo's, and after quite a few cups of coffee and a concerted effort this morning, I have managed to put a gallery back up.

I'm now putting the photos into months - June, July, August etc, which makes more sense - there are so many wonderful projects so far in both June and July (74 in July, haven't counted June yet - that's amazing!).

So, I've now got rid of the ongoing frustration I was having with Blogger, and have outwitted Blogger this time around - and developed a better idea for the Gallery.

See you soon,

Sarah Liz

P.S - some of you finish things late in the month and then post the next month.  I usually put the photo's in the month the garment/project was made.  So if you can't see something, just look in the month before.  And if you think I have missed putting your project in the Gallery, do tell me - my email is  I usually post as the pictures arrive, but I may have made a mistake with this recent glitch and missed someone. 



Jacq C said...

Well done, you're a real star sorting that lot out. Thanks again for all your hard work x

Mary said...

Thank you very much!!!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Thank you ladies - everyone has worked so hard I wanted to get this problem sorted out quickly :)