Monday, September 30, 2013

trailer sewing

I'm going camping and wanted to glam up the trailer a bit.  Here is a table runner which needs to be sewed together-which is tomorrow's job ASAP.  I wanted to post my work here before I am done because I will be too busy tomorrow to sit down and do this quick summary.

It is 18" x 44",  and made of remnants and some fat quarters gathered over the years.  The stripe side will probably be the "public" side and the brown side the underside.  I'm not going to use binding on the edges, and probably no batting, as it won't be quilted.   Stash used=2 yards

Next up is a window treatment for the trailer bedroom.   The colors throughout the trailer are browns, maroon, and sage...I'd like a cooler feel so I think I'll use this hand painted silk I have.   I bought these 2 panels of a trptych when I was in graduate school a loooong time ago and hunted for the third panel.  Someone has it.  I plan to cut up the pictures and piece them with a plain backing.   Scary plan!!

V1302 - Wadder

This first try-on is the end of the road for Vogue 1302.   This back view it as good as it gets.

I knew it would be questionable since I was using a heavier fabric. But I can't even imagine the adjustments that would make the top work.

There are even more terrible views and details on my blog.

On the bright side, the new shoes that triggered the dress aren't comfortable to walk in anyway.

Stash used:  3.5 yards knit.  20" zipper.  3 partial spools of thread.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Septemper makes

Daily I admire the creations of all of you. You all are so productive and so full of ideas!
This 2013 StyleTheStash Sew-A-Long gives me a lot of inspirations and keep me going.
I am glad Liz started new Challenge:

Make a Garment a Month Challenge

In September I was mainly busy with my couture dress - it is finished now! I am just putting last hand stitching in the lining.

couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648

It was 1,40 m fabric (1,5 yards) + 1,20 lining (1,25 yards)

I as well finished small top from dark blue jersey - 90 cm (1 yard) - as I was making a lining to the dress it the hems of the top had to wait - hence red basting :-) :

Dark blue jersey top

You are invited to read about the dress on by blog.

I will post there as well my plans for October - which mainly will be a Little French Jacket as a part of sew-along.

Letting you know about a new challenge...

Some of you may have notice a new button on the side bar - I was testing that it worked :).

Those of you that follow my primary blog probably know that I have started a new challenge - it started by mistake, really, when I was musing about a personal challenge.  And people wanted to join in, so I thought, why not!

Also, a couple of you have mentioned that it would be nice to continue something when 2013 StyleTheStash Sew-A-Long finishes.  I agree - it's nice to connect and extend friendships that revolve around sewing.

I thought I better let everyone know about this - and it's also a good way to use up your stash :).  So, if you want to join, pop over to my blog and pick up your button and read the "rules".

Sarah Liz :)

Floral Peplum Top

Hello everyone!
Here is my second September project, I used 1.5 yards of floral silk crepe de chine. For the pattern, I used the bodice from burdastyle sweetheart dress 04/2013 size 34 and self-drafted peplum.
More details and pictures on my blog,

Have a wonderful weekend to you all!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday Top for Me ~~ V1214

Hi, Everyone! I have been MIA for a while. I moved then moved back. Sometimes things just don't go as planned. But today is my birthday and if you want to know more, just head over to the blog and read about my new top.

2.5 yards fashion fabric and 1.25 yards of lining = 3.75yards total*

Later Sewists,

Friday, September 27, 2013

pants, and more pants coming (#19)

Hi all,

You might remember that I decided to sew up a flurry of pants- capris, beachy baggy pants, and slacks.  I sewed (and re-did the hems) on the capris->WIN.

I finished up the beachy baggies last week and finally found time for a photo.  Now, these are some of the WORST fitting pants I have ever made.  I used a pattern I have had great success with when using knits, and thought that the switch to a woven would be a walk in the park.  The pattern even indicated either could be used.  Well, my walk in the park turned into an endurance marathon of sewing, fitting, picking and resewing.  I will probably wear these while camping this winter, but the backside is SO BAD that I may walk backwards to avoid showing it.   Wanna see?

gawd.  yep, wadder.

Please credit me with 2 yds of fabric used.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolman Sleeve Tops

After several weeks of no clothing sewing, I am back again whittling away at my stash. First I used some cotton interlock to make a trial run with a pattern adaption converting a regular Tee into a dolman sleeve. Since it worked out pretty well, I made a second one with another piece of knit, this one a rayon/lycra blend.

Read more about them on my blog here.
I used 7/8 yard and 1.5 yards of stash on the two tops.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


...I figured with impeding cooler weather that is bound to get here one day in the future, my new Kay Unger dress, being sleeveless would need a jacket.  So I gave her one.  I wanted something simple and cute so I went with Simplicity A1738 that I picked up at WalMart for 97 cents.  I thought it would make a cool topper for my wardrobe - kinda like a cardigan alternative.

I used 2 1/8 yards of black pontederoma knit from my stash.

The jacket fits really good and came together quickly.  There were no surprises.  I've wanted a simple knit jacket for Fall for a while.  There may be another one coming up soon.

Embellished Jacket

Butterick 5535 is a semi-fitted jacket with a collar, bust darts, and princess seams. I made View A, which is above the hips.

Using the same fabric type allows for flexibility when coordinating outfits. One of the white dresses from my wardrobe will look nice with this embellished jacket.

Fabric used: 1 3/4 yards 60" polyester poplin and polyester lining

I didn't readjust my dress form for this item.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stash Tally Win but Trouser Muslin Fail...

Yes, I have been at it again - using up stash making muslins that are going to go nowhere...But at least lots of stash has been used:

So I used up another 2.5 yards of stash....

Which adds to our total at least!

If you are interested in the disastrous details:

Birthday Goodie Bag

Birthday  Goodie Bag
I made this bag for a  lady in the nursing home.
she turned 100  on the 22nd. I filled it
with goodies.
I  used 1/2 yard fabric from my stash. Check my  blog
for more details

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Jacket

Hello.  Long time no blogging, but I have been busy with some sewing.  This is a cute little jacket that I made about 3 weeks ago.  I used a Simplicity pattern.  The jacket was meant to be unlined, but I added an interlining.  I finished all the inside seams with lace. 

I added piping along the front of the jacket and end of the sleeves to make it a bit more professional looking.  I also added a frog closure.  I pondered a moment about adding a black frog closure, but in the end, I thought I would keep the colors matching.  About the piping, this is not only the first time I have used piping with sewing, but I made my own!  Whoop for me!

Top stitching was done around the front, shoulder seams, and the princess seams.  I top stitched this using the triple stitch on my sewing machine.  It looks awesome if I do say so for myself.

The pattern is an easy sew, and by adding a few minor, but professional details, it gives the jacket a WOW factor.

Pictures were taken after I worn it all day, so it is a bit wrinkled.

All fabric was stash, along with the thread and lace.  The only thing I bought for this jacket was the frog closure.

Total outer fabric:  2.5 yds.
Total interlining:  2.25 yds.

I have a skirt to post about in the next week or so.  It goes with this jacket nicely :)


....I have an ever growing collection of Kay Unger Vogue patterns, but this is the very first one that I ever sewn.
VOGUE 1329

I did make a rough draft muslin of this pattern, because I didn't want to guesstimate the fit.  My muslin revealed that I should have purchased the pattern that included size 14, because it would definitely fit me better through the shoulder and bust area.  But because I didn't want to spring for the $30.00 pattern again even at 40% off, nor wait for the next $3.99 Vogue pattern sale, I decided to go with what I had on hand.  Using the size 16 necessitated:
  • A minor adjustment of the center front - where I removed 3/4" from the dress front and front yoke; 
  • Somehow or another I had to remove a full inch at the center back; which I decreased by sewing a dart like wedge in the back yoke seam;
  • Decreased the side seam with a 1/2" wedge right at the underarm which I have to do quite often for sleeveless knit garments;
  • This dress also afforded full access without a zipper so I didn't use one.
I decided to use off white poly-interlock (that's what Hancock's calls it; the same fabric at Joann's is called Jet Set.) as my lining.   The dress was so easy to make - THANK YOU KAY UNGER!  Although I like a real sewing challenge every now and again, I can still appreciate an easy peazy project.   It's wonderful to end up with a great looking garment that was easy to make - don't you think?  The only slightly trying part of making the dress was understitching the neckline and  armscye - those were pretty tight places.
Back - definitely need to balance my dressform, it always seems crooked in pictures.  Also need to fix her bowed hips that make my dresses look fat.
This dress decreased my stash by 4 yards including the lining.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Well, it's stash, and pretty stylish, too

The wedding present is ready.  The lovely Daniele Sumac did all the long arm quilting, and I put on a machine binding using Susie's magic binding.  As I assured the ladies at the local quilt guild, it looks complicated, but it really isn't.  It also offers an opportunity to add an accent color and (my favorite part) requires no hand sewing! I have no idea the yardage, so I'll guess this is about 9 yds of fabric (it measures about 2.2 meters square).  Now, back to my mini-wardrobe.

Another Success!

I have just made a skirt from stretch cotton sateen - I used the Surefit system and drew my own skirt template.  I'm happy with the result :)

I used 1.5 yards for the muslin and 1 yard (different widths) for the sateen.

You can find more details on my blog:

Keep styling that stash everyone...

Sarah Liz

Friday, September 20, 2013


I test out the fit on the Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings pattern.  I cut and XL in the waist to a M in the leg and took the shortest length.  Next time I'll use a L on top, as there is some extra fabric there.  I will also take in the knee area a bit.  Still, these will be quite useful.  I used just over a yard of jersey for this.  I am wearing them here with my new Archer shirt.  I have also worn this with a wide belt and like that ok, but I can't be bothered with a belt today.  :-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

beachy skirt, #18

My beach/travel wardrobe is growing.  I'm hoping I can make enough items that the wardrobe can stay in my trailer while we are at home, and when getting packed...I can just check accessories.  Ha!  It's a plan, but one I am pretty sure will not work.   I usually pack, check, repack, add another carryall with "maybe I'll need these" items.  My dream is to pack my shoes, and meds...everything else will already be in the trailer for our 4 month camping trip. Wish me luck.

This is Butterick 4135 View A, in a taupe striped cotton twill.  The OOP pattern calls for challis. rayon, crepe or double georgette.   I had this wonderful cotton in my stash, and it will wear wonderfully.  I know it will just get softer and softer.  The skirt is a little tight (pattern runs small?  haha) and hangs as a straight skirt even though the illustration shows a flowy A line.  I like the look however, and it will be a nice change from shorts.  I'll wear this when we go to town, or to dinner on the beach. 

I love the drape, which adds a little drama to what would otherwise be a pretty serious little skirt. The knit jacket on the chair will be one of the coverups I pair with the skirt.

Stash used: 1 5/8 yds

Swirl Jacket

Pattern Description:  McCall's 7109 is an out of print pattern that has a front buttoned princess seamed jacket with long or short sleeves and scalloped detail. There are two 7/8" buttons on each of the sleeves.
Fabric Used: 1 7/8 yards of 60" ITY crème/black

Halloween/Fall sewing for a Sweet Little Girl & Ginger Skirt for me

T-shirt dress 

2 pillowcase dresses appliqued
2 t-shirts with pockets

Ginger colette skirt  for me [note: the violet colette
blouse was made earlier]

I used 4 1/2 yards of fabric from my stash..Yea!!
note: sorry I haven't been contributing to this
stash busting sew along.. I have been
battling kidney stones.. So no sewing here..!!
But hope to get to sewing now..

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My September Sewing Project: Monochrome Study Hall Skirt

Hello again,
Hope this post finds you all well.

One of my projects for September, is the Study Hall Skirt by Anna Marie Horner.

Picture source: (
Below is my fabric selection:

Pattern: Black and cream, hand blocked print
Fabric: 100% organic cotton

Plain Solid: Black (for inserts and hem)
Fabric: Poly-cotton blend

The skirt will use about 2.5 yds of fabric (not including lining).

I debated about adding a 3rd fabric - a fuchsia pink, poly-cotton blend fabric for the inserts, but frankly I got a bit scared that it would be too 'loud' for everyday wear.

Hope to post updates by the end of the week of my progress with this project. Any comments, ideas and/or suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, happy sewing!

My first contribution to Style the Stash!


Here is my 1st contribution! Made today in just under 30 minutes.

OK, it's an unexciting tailor's pressing ham, but it used up just over a yard of fabric in total, and my stash has been reduced - all be it by about 0.0000001%. Plus, I really needed a pressing ham, and after reviewing the prices of some on the internet, I thought I could do just as good a job, for far cheaper.

It's a start. I have a couple of skirts in the pipeline, one of which I'm about to write a post about, as well as a couple more pressing hams and a foot stool cover.  If you would like more details, please visit my blog here.

Thanks for reading, wishing everyone happy sewing :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A New Coat

This has been a project in the making for a few years.  I bought the fabric and pattern at around the same time, but didn't take the time to make it until now.  Even though I waited a while, I am very happy with the end result.  The pattern is Indygo Junction 740For more information about the construction and alterations, please visit my blog

Stash used:  2 yards of upholstery fabric for the upper bodice; 1 yard of upholstery fabric for the lower bands


Two projects, 3 1/2 yards total

Hi everyone:  finally have a couple of projects completed. One is KwikSew 2821, a nightgown.  This was almost a thumb-sucking project, I had goofed up something I was excited about sewing, so made this, something easy, to get back in the saddle again. here's a pic:
Also made Butterick 5954, very happy about that one, here's a picture:

Reviews on PR, a tad more than 3.5 yards used.  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend....

I really need to get sewing....but fun abounds instead

Hello ladies.  I did finish one thing, but it is already in the laundry.  :-)  Just thought I'd tell you about a little adventure we had today that was textile related, and point you to my blog if you want more pics.  I thought it was pretty cool, and I managed to add to stash.  SIGHS.
We took a trip to the indigo dyers today.  It is something of an Austrian tradition, and there are still a couple of places that do it in the old way.  The cottons and linens here are used mostly for dirndls in some areas of Austria.
Here's the blog post.   Here's my haul, which includes some quilting cotton, something for a skirt and two beautiful silks (they are the two on top).
In sewing news, my quilt came back from the long-arm quilter yesterday, so all it needs now is binding.  Besides that, I only have about a dozen other things going.  That's ok.  That's the way I like it.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Burdastyle Skirt 04/2013 - 117 B

This is my first project for September stash styling, I used 1.25 yards of cotton drill in deep purple color. For the pattern, I used Burdastyle skirt 04/2013 - 117 B size 38.
More details of this skirt in my blog, Velvet Ribbon - Burdastyle Skirt 04/2013

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 12, 2013



I'm Elle (from Busy Elle Bee), and I'm just popping in to say hi and to introduce myself.  I'm a little late to the party - apologies - but I only discovered this fantastic blog a few days ago, and asked if I could join in. To my joy, the answer was yes!

I love sewing, designing and creating so the challenge to use up my stash is right my street. I have an embarrassingly huge amount of fabric and up cycling projects, which I never got around to completing. My personal challenges are to reduce the stash, create a better wardrobe of clothes and to finish some soft furnishing projects. 

I am looking forward to sharing my creations with you, and am even more excited to see yours. For now, thanks for reading, more to follow in due course.

Best wishes,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Pavlova, 1st piece of PR mini-wardrobe

Just over two yards used making this Pavlova in a red jersey.
This is also the first piece in my PR mini-wardrobe for the September challenge.  I don't think I will make it with all the pieces at this point, but I will go down trying!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another pair of patterned pants...

I seem to have had a penchant for breaking out of my style rut this year, and have now made myself another pair of patterned pants.  These are made out of stretch cotton twill - I used a very basic Kwik Sew Pattern (2960, now OOP).  I did vary the pattern by omitting the fly zip at the centre front and using an elasticised waistband.

Full details on my blog:

I used up a total of 3 yards of stash - I found some horrible black stuff to use for the muslin, and then the fashion fabric for the pants.

Sarah Liz:)

Calling it done.... Even though it really isn't

2.5 yds of another African cotton print used to make this Archer shirt this week.  The reason it isn't quite done is that I somehow messed up a pleat on the sleeve and the cuffs are currently just sewn with the button far in to compensate for being too large.  Still, it is wearable and I plan to take them apart and fix it soon, anyhow.  This shirt pattern is very nice and the fit is great.  Modeled shots will come after I finish something else in the WIP pile that will make this an outfit.  The sizing was only changed by taking 3 inches off the sleeve.  Yes, I have chipmunk arms.