Sunday, September 22, 2013


....I have an ever growing collection of Kay Unger Vogue patterns, but this is the very first one that I ever sewn.
VOGUE 1329

I did make a rough draft muslin of this pattern, because I didn't want to guesstimate the fit.  My muslin revealed that I should have purchased the pattern that included size 14, because it would definitely fit me better through the shoulder and bust area.  But because I didn't want to spring for the $30.00 pattern again even at 40% off, nor wait for the next $3.99 Vogue pattern sale, I decided to go with what I had on hand.  Using the size 16 necessitated:
  • A minor adjustment of the center front - where I removed 3/4" from the dress front and front yoke; 
  • Somehow or another I had to remove a full inch at the center back; which I decreased by sewing a dart like wedge in the back yoke seam;
  • Decreased the side seam with a 1/2" wedge right at the underarm which I have to do quite often for sleeveless knit garments;
  • This dress also afforded full access without a zipper so I didn't use one.
I decided to use off white poly-interlock (that's what Hancock's calls it; the same fabric at Joann's is called Jet Set.) as my lining.   The dress was so easy to make - THANK YOU KAY UNGER!  Although I like a real sewing challenge every now and again, I can still appreciate an easy peazy project.   It's wonderful to end up with a great looking garment that was easy to make - don't you think?  The only slightly trying part of making the dress was understitching the neckline and  armscye - those were pretty tight places.
Back - definitely need to balance my dressform, it always seems crooked in pictures.  Also need to fix her bowed hips that make my dresses look fat.
This dress decreased my stash by 4 yards including the lining.


Mary said...

Faye, I have this pattern also, as part of a Craftsy class. I cannot figure out how to use this pattern for a dress I could use in my current lifestyle. Your dress is so pretty and I'll bet you look great in it. 4 yds! Congrats.

Dk's Wife said...

It is very pretty Faye. You done a great job.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I love that dress, Faye, and it is going to suit you so well.

redpointtailor said...

Lovely result!