Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolman Sleeve Tops

After several weeks of no clothing sewing, I am back again whittling away at my stash. First I used some cotton interlock to make a trial run with a pattern adaption converting a regular Tee into a dolman sleeve. Since it worked out pretty well, I made a second one with another piece of knit, this one a rayon/lycra blend.

Read more about them on my blog here.
I used 7/8 yard and 1.5 yards of stash on the two tops.


Mary said...

Love these tees-they are super feminine and slimming.

redpointtailor said...

They are lovely and great stash basting... I have to implement in my startegy sewing such tops ... it will help for sure :-)

Beverly said...

I have plans to make some dolman sleeve tops. Yours turned out very nice!