Tuesday, September 3, 2013


...I guess about a year of marination was long enough for this fabric. 

Missoni-esque knit

Wonderful pattern, but I didn't want the maxi.  I wanted a boot length midi with long sleeves, so that's what I made.  This pattern has a gianormous cowl neckline or collar - I LOVE IT TOO! I went with a straight 16 and everything worked out just right.  I made only two construction changes:  (1)underlined the body of the dress with poly interlock to negate wearing a slip, and (2)pegged in 2 inches at the side seams from knee to hem.

I predict that weather in my area will not permit wearing the dress until mid-October or even later.  But whenever the time does come I'll be just a little ahead of the game.  My dress will be ready for first chill.  All I have to do is decide...

to belt, or

not to belt, that is the question???


Heather said...

Great dress! I have a similar print dress and it has a small drawstring type belt that looks great. Think 1/4 tubing. I tend to think that a belt on this print might be too much.

Sam said...

This looks good! There are great colours in those stripes. My vote would be to belt it, but it looks good either way.

Mary said...

Wonderful dress-I cannot say one way or the other on the belt. I waver when deciding for myself!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Faye, thanks for posting - it's a lovely dress, and as you know already, I think the belt is not an either/or thing, but depends on the day and what else you are wearing.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

PS, Faye, how much stash in this dress??