Sunday, September 29, 2013

Letting you know about a new challenge...

Some of you may have notice a new button on the side bar - I was testing that it worked :).

Those of you that follow my primary blog probably know that I have started a new challenge - it started by mistake, really, when I was musing about a personal challenge.  And people wanted to join in, so I thought, why not!

Also, a couple of you have mentioned that it would be nice to continue something when 2013 StyleTheStash Sew-A-Long finishes.  I agree - it's nice to connect and extend friendships that revolve around sewing.

I thought I better let everyone know about this - and it's also a good way to use up your stash :).  So, if you want to join, pop over to my blog and pick up your button and read the "rules".

Sarah Liz :)


redpointtailor said...

I like the 2013 StyleTheStash Sew-A-Long - it is put a little pressure to make garments.. so I am in :-) Thanks Liz!

Busy Elle Bee said...
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Busy Elle Bee said...

Hi, Like redpointtailor above, I like the StyleTheStash sew-a-long, as it makes me use my stash instead of constantly adding to it! I would love to continue in 2014 :)