Monday, September 30, 2013

V1302 - Wadder

This first try-on is the end of the road for Vogue 1302.   This back view it as good as it gets.

I knew it would be questionable since I was using a heavier fabric. But I can't even imagine the adjustments that would make the top work.

There are even more terrible views and details on my blog.

On the bright side, the new shoes that triggered the dress aren't comfortable to walk in anyway.

Stash used:  3.5 yards knit.  20" zipper.  3 partial spools of thread.


Mary said...

So sorry Marjorie. It is a great looking dress, in theory. Love your new shoes, and I hope you find another dress to pair with them.

Hana said...

Oops! It happens to everyone. So sorry about that. Anyway, I love the color that you chose for your dress. And your shoes is fabulous:-)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Yes, some dresses go like that - and so do some shoes. Always disappointing after all the work, but at least some stash has gone.

Wendy said...

That's really too bad, but I wouldn't give up on the pattern just yet because it is fabulous. Maybe just try in another fabric?