Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My sewing month - September!


Hope this post finds everyone well :)

Well I have some good sewing news and some not so good sewing news.

First the good news: Projects completed -

1) Pressing ham
I have a pressing ham, and let me tell you it has been brilliant to use! I don't know how I managed without one.  Yes I'm aware that makes me sound very sad but honestly, I've never had such wonderfully pressed seams before.  I used the pattern from Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns guest post on Tilly and the Buttons.

  • Total amount of fabric used: 100cm x 90cm

2) Pressing ham (no 2)
I completed this this morning, and already used it for sleeved work shirts. I'm starting a collection of these ... OK I admit it, I'm very sad and uncool! Again, I used the pattern from Kristiann's guest post (detailed above) and as with the first pressing ham, I used cotton duck for the cover and lined with cotton fabric.
  • Total amount of fabric used: 120cm x 50cm

3) Super large wrist pin cushion
I completed this last week and it has been used every day since.  Another of those 'how did I ever cope without it' tools - it's so nice to be able to stick all of my pins in one large wrist cushion, instead of the tiny little ones which I keep losing all the time. This was a self drafted pattern, based on idea formed after watching a documentary about the House of Chanel.
  • Total amount of fabric used: 50cm x 50cm

The not so good news: Projects yet to be completed
1) Foot stool cover
I started this project with excitement and gusto - now I cant wait till it's over. I have discovered I do not have the patience for embriodery. I'm not happy with the skirt part of the cover either and this may have to be redone.
  • Projected amount of fabric: 1m
2) Cami dress
Very excited about this dress, the pattern is from a designer new to the pattern business.  It's a fab dress, with wonderful clear instructions (in 3 different European languages!!!) and there's even a sew along! The dress half completed, just need to add the lining and attach the sleeves.
sew-along button
  • Projected amount of fabric: 3.5m
3) Study hall skirt
Again another pattern started with loads of excitement, but sadly that excitement has tailed off. I had to adjust the pattern quite drastically as I'm a tall person, and I'm not confident that I did a good job.  So I'm going to have a think about it and have another go.  The good side however, during a stash  rummage, I discovered a nice textured black cotton fabric, which I think will suit the skirt better than the other one I had selected (pictured below). Pattern by Anna Marie Horner.

Well that's my sewing month, hope you had a good one.
Wishing everyone happy sewing :)

If you would like more details about the above projects please visit my sites Busy Elle Bee and bebextra.


redpointtailor said...

I am very curious abou this dress - it looks already great!

motherof5 said...

Hi Zoe, I came here from your lovely comment on my blog!
I love the look of the Cami- Dress, gorgeous!
Like you, I love the look of Indie pattern companies.
xx N

Jacq C said...

Isn't it great when you make something and it's just so useful - gives you a real sense of satisfaction. I'm not familiar with the Cami dress pattern but it looks promising :)

Busy Elle Bee said...

Hello, thanks for the great comments :) This is just to let you all know that the Cami dress is almost complete - I just have to attach the skirt to the bodice, so fingers crossed, and if the weather holds up, I will be able to showcase it. Thanks for all your encouragement, I hope you will like the finished product. Take care.