Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Finished Items (edited to add 1 more!)

I had a month of hiatus due to an illness - I'm okay now!! But the entire month of September, I didn't sew, I didn't buy fabric and I didn't buy patterns. It was like...such an anomaly!

I totally consider myself a beginner sewer, still, but I'd like to start sewing more with a plan...and then sewing those "oooh! Look! I must have that NOW" items as they come. I still find myself with "nothing to wear" and without things that work together. So I decided I would sew a couple of small wardrobe capsules and then fill in the holes. One based on black/greys and one on browns/tans/creams. I certainly have the fabric to make it happen :)

Sewed this month (6 1/4 yards total):

Butterick 5926, a knit blazer done in grey ponte.

The pockets make me happy!

It's slightly too big in the shoulder. I'll do a narrow shoulder adjustment on jacket #2. Otherwise, everything else about it is perfect.

My first *completely* error-free sleeve setting! I didn't have to rip them out at all!!

Then there's McCall's 6796 done in a very thin (like I have to wear a cami under it) jersey knit, black with silver stripes. Again, the sizing on this was very well done. I want to make this collar with sleeves, and the short sleeves with the open collar.

Then another version of Simplicity 2700. I am extremely happy with the fit of these pants. I am making an angry face because I accidentally ripped a giant hole in the leg with my seam ripper. I am repairing it and wearing these. I love these pants. You'll probably see a few more in the next couple of months!!

McCall's 6614 in cheapie fleece from Hancock. Hey, my daughter is pretty fickle! :) But she asked me to make her an "animal print sweatshirt" and she likes wild/crazy/colorful things so she got her wish!

The pattern went together really easily and only took a couple of hours AND she wore it to school today!

Next up will be two different versions of Butterick 5678 and a white version of the Maria Denmark Kimono top.

Next month's plans will be the "brown capsule".

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Sew Blessed Maw said...

Congrats on all your accomplishments in October.. Your jacket is gorgeous [and you don't look like a beginner at all!!!]
Sorry to hear , you have been sick.. And hope your all better now.. Happy sewing.

Candyce Nicole said...

Hope you're feeling better! You're doing a wonderful job as a beginner!! I just started too, but you're light-years ahead of me LOL

Mary said...

Glad you are feeling better!! Love the jacket and shell-and those pants are great!

Busy Elle Bee said...

Hello, I love your jacket and what a brilliant idea to sew capsule wardrobes. Your other garments are great too, I especially like the trousers. I will look forward to seeing your sewing projects. Hope you are feeling better now. Happy sewing!

MrsSmith said...

Thanks everyone!! That was the worst 30 days ever!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! What a great job! I love your creations - the trousers are fabulous!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I'm so glad you are better - isn't it awful being so unwell you can't do the activities you love. The jacket doesn't look too bad - I know on your blog you were worried the shoulders were too big, but it looks fine - and the next will be better. Your daughter looks lovely in her top - oh to be that age again ! :)

Hana said...

I do like your jacket very much. And all the projects are nice. Glad you are back to sewing:)