Thursday, October 31, 2013

Polka dot Cami dress and Around the World Skirt (item numbers 98 and 97)

I managed to whip these 2 quickly, and just in time for October's Style the Stash!

1) Cami dress:
I made this dress from some lovely white on black polka dot cotton fabric which I found in my stash along with some other black on white polka dot fabric (which I made into a skirt). I instantly decided it would make an ideal Cami dress, but without sleeves.

Unlike my first Cami dress, this is unlined.  To add some extra interest (and because I've become polka dot mad) I used polka buttons. I also made a peter pan style collar, by drafting curved edges on the collar pattern provided in the original pattern.

I plan to wear this mainly in the summer, with a simple black cardigan during the cooler months.  I adore this dress pattern, and plan to make some more in the near future, but I think I'm done with the polka dots - when you start dreaming about spots, I generally take that as a sign!

Amount of fabric used: 2.5m

2) Around the world skirt:

This is a secret sewing project I had in mind for months and months.  I first saw a skirt on a blog called Extra Petite and fell head over heels.  It took a while for me to source the fabric, but I found it and then I got ambitious.  I self drafted a pencil skirt pattern from scratch, and (get this!!!) I included a kick pleat.  It is fully lined and I even matched the seams at the back (well almost).  The only issue is, because I was a bit mean, I only purchased 1 meter of this fabric, and I really should have purchased at least 1.5m to 2m in order to properly match the seams.  The pattern repeat was larger than I thought it would be, but I don't think it looks too bad.

This is my first self drafted pattern, my first ever kick pleat and my first attempt to match the seams using a patterned fabric.  

Now this is a seriously 'loud' print for me, so I'm teaming it up with tailored jackets and simple tops to tone it down. The fabric is a heavy cotton/linen mix, so great for Autumn and Winter wear.

I have some of the lining fabric left, and I'm thinking of making a Sorbetto top with a patch pocket made from the scraps left over from the skirt. But I will see how it goes.

Amount of fabric used: 1m plus 1m lining

More information about how I made these garments will be posted shortly on my blog.

Thanks for reading, happy sewing :)


Hana said...

Both of the dress and the skirt are pretty. I love the polka dot buttons on your dress, they are really cute and the fabric that you have chosen for the skirt is fabulous :-)

Busy Elle Bee said...

Hi Hana. Thanks so much for your kinds comments. I was worried that the buttons were a bit too much, so I'm glad you like them. I'm so happy about my skirt too, it was a long time coming. Glad I managed to finish it this year!

MrsSmith said...

Fun projects!!! I love that skirt. Love it

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Love ,love the dress ,and the skirt too.. I like your idea of the sorbetto too.
What dress pattern is this? So cute

Busy Elle Bee said...

Thank you :)

Busy Elle Bee said...

Hi, the dress pattern is 'Cami dress', by a new pattern designer called Pauline Alice ( This is my 2nd Cami dress, I omitted the sleeves in this version. Thanks for your kind comments.

Mary said...

What marvelous fabrics-and thanks do much for an intro to a new pattern. Lovely dress!

Busy Elle Bee said...

Thank you Mary for your kind comments. I highly recommend the Cami pattern, and apparently there's more on the way - I can't wait!

Scheryka said...

Of course I love the dots but umm, I am in love with the Map fabric. I totally see me wearing that as blazer!