Monday, December 2, 2013

Muslins use Stash Too...

Hi everyone,

Everyone gets busy at this time of year - with various festivities being celebrated or due to be celebrated.

And, many of you are making winter garments, which always take longer than summer ones.

So it is no wonder our stash total is slowly dropping. So I thought I would start December off with a small contribution :)

 I have just made a muslin which is not going to be made into a dress just yet.

You can see the problem - an overbaggy, saggy back.  If you are interested in the fitting problems I am having with this dress, please read about them  here.

The total stash used was 2 yards.

Sarah Liz


Anonymous said...

You are so busy... the dress muslin looks ok... It will be great dress

Hana said...

I am busy with the muslin too :)
Can not wait to see your finished dress :-)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Ladies - I've gone and made muslin number 2 to correct this one! Good luck with yours Hana.