About Us

The 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long  runs from June 1st to December 31st.  This stash buster is a fun approach to sewing and styling your stash in a relaxed fashion.  Unlike other stash busting sew- a-longs, we make no pledges about using only stash.  We make no pledges about not adding to our stash.  We make no pledges to complete certain garments according to a monthly plan.  That is because we stashists know that resolutions fall helplessly by the wayside when another piece of glorious fabric wanders into our paths.  

So this is a guilt free stash busting sew-a-long.  This sew-a-long is about stash awareness and seeing our glorious stashes in new guilt free light and encouraging and motivating each other to sew, sew, sew.

This sew-a-long is interactive, so our participants contribute posts as often as wanted and we all comment on each others post so that we have our own forum atmosphere.

Each week the facilitator (Sarah Liz) will comment on  the week's happenings.

While everyone can sew what they like when they like, guidelines can be helpful to provide structure and goals to work toward.

So, every month:

Plan to make a garment or other fabric project  from your stash

If at the end of the month it is not finished - just carry on in the next month

If for some reason you can't make a garment or fabric project in a  a month, stay involved and make what you can when you can and post your progress.  It doesn't have to be finished.

When you have finished your garment or fabric project, please post pictures both on your blog and on this blog.  Please leave your blog address on the post  so that we can have a look on your blog as well.

 If you would like to join us please email Sarah Liz : stylishsarah251@gmail.com