June  2013 Gallery

Marjorie, Skirt

DK's wife, Skirt

Mary, Top
Faye, Top

Heather, Skirt

Heather, Top

Mary, Skirt

Janine, Jeans - 2 pairs
Scheryka, Girl's dress

Lene, Jacket

Scheryka, Dress
Carole -Pants
Judy, Childrens clothes
Carole, Top
Carole, Curtains
Sarah, Pants

Beverly, Top
Beverly, Lace Skirt

Heather, skirt
Faye, Top
Heather, Wearable Muslin/PJ Top
Kay, Skirt
Scheryka, children's clothes

Sarah, Jacket
Hana's shorts

Carole's Top and Pants

Janine, pants
Far,  Blouse top
Kate, Dress
 Lene, Jeans
Marjorie, Dress

Mary, Vintage housedress

Beverly, Skirt
Faye, Top

Dorothy, Top

Mary, Apron
Sarah, Vest
Hana, Bag

Beverly- car-trash-bags

Dorothy - Top

Linda, Top
 Judy, Blouse
Jacq, Skirt

 Nakisha, Top

Nakisha, Top

 Nakisha, Top
Nakisha, Top
Dorothy - Top
Dorothy - Suit
 Lyn - Jacket and Skirt

 Scheryka - Top and Skirt
Ellen - Bridesmaid dress
Kathy - Skirt
Kathy- Cardigan Jacket
Heather - 4th July dress
Lena- Sweater
 Lena - Pants and T-Shirts

Maria - Suit
Sam - Dress
Beverly - Car Trash Bag
Beverly - Valance
Ellen -Top
Ellen - Top and Skirt
Sally - Shirt
Sarah - Skirt
 Faye - 3 Maxi Dresses
Mary - Top
Mary - Top
Mary - PJ pants #1
Mary - PJ pants #2

Beverly- skirt
Beata's Total Disaster Pants

Christy - Skirt

Christy - Skirt
 Lucy - Dress
 Far - Shirt for DH
 Far- Baby Quilt Backing
 Far, Baby Quilt - in progress
 Far - Exercise Bike Padders

Judith - Top
Faye- Top
 Heather -camisole
Heather - dress

Heather - Style/Sew Jeans to Narrow Leg
Hana, refashion, t-shirt