Total Stash Used

Some of us live in countries that use metric measurements and some of us in countries that use imperial measurements.  I've converted  metric measures into imperial measurements as most participants use the imperial system. 

(To 27th July we have used a grand total of 284.80 yards plus quite a bit of yardage that has been undocumented).
JUNE 2013

Some garments this month do not have amounts of stash used documented - probably because they were enthusiastically posted before the idea that keeping a stash tally would be a good idea.  So I've just listed the garments made instead.

Carole - Pants
Dk's wife- Skirt
Dorothy - Lime top and aqua suit
Maria - suit

Documented Stash Amounts:
July 2, up to and including Far, Lucy, Heather, Faye June projects

183.95 yards
Plus! an extra 18.9 from Janine (may be 6 m less)

Plus fasteners, thread, bits of lace, zippers etc

Sarah's vest
Hana's bag 


One pair of jeans
One t-shirt 

JULY 2013

July 31, includes Beverly, Nakisha, Scheryka, Christy

Plus!! another 39.2 yards from Janine

plus Giveaway of 1 yard (Awilda)
Undocumented - Maria, long tunic and skirt , Far's quilt , Nakisha's top, 


August 31 - Christy and Heather

109.43 yards 
 plus a fat quarter plus 4 yards of batting plus 2 inches of ribbing plus an old t-shirt


Oct 5- up to Janine

132.30 yards
plus Faye's "Missoni" dress and Dorothy's white dress
plus 2 yards of leather, thrifted remake 
plus 2 largish panels of silk 


Nov 2, up to Mary

73.05  yards 

Not documented - skirt and peplum top, Dorothy Dot .
No picture yet of Kate's Tosca dress. 


Dec 3  - up to Heather
49.45 yards.

(total includes Mary's unpictured wadder!!)


December 31  - up to Judy and Sarah Liz

31.37 yards 

plus Candyce, knit mini dress 

(778.5 yards plus garments submitted with no amount)