Gallery -September

Heather's wrap top - front and back
Marjorie, Leather Jacket, thrifted leather, and little bag out of cotton

Mary, Linen pants with contrast coin pocket
Mary -Denim shorts
Sarah - T-shirt

 Faye's "Missoni" dress

Heather - skirt

Heather - Cushion covers

Heather - Pillow slips

 Faye - Dress

 Heather - Shirt

Dorothy - Dress

Sarah- Pants

Heather - Pavlova top

 Hana - Burda Skirt

 Kate- Kwik Sew Nightdress

Kate - Butterick Top

 "L" - Indygo Junction Trench Topper

Elle- Tailor's Ham

 Dorothy - Jacket

Judy - Ginger Colette Skirt

Judy - Childs T-Shirt dress

Judy - Children's clothes - pillowcase dresses and t-shirts

Mary - Skirt with Drape side

 Heather - Leggings

 Sarah - Skirt

 Heahter's gorgeous quilt

Faye - Kaye Unger Dress

 Kaye - Jacket

 Judy - Gift Bag

 Dorothy - Jacket

 Faye - Jacket

 Lucy - dolman sleeve T-shirt #1

Lucy - dolman sleeve T-shirt #2

 Mary's disappointing wadder....

Sarah's Cowl/infinity scarf

Scheryka's top

(I put this in twice as the Blogger photo interface was acting up - will solve this problem later ..)

 Hana - Peplum top

 Beata - T-shirt

Beata - Couture dress

Marjorie - Wadder V1302!

Mary - Quilt in progress

Mary - Trailer Curtains in progress

 Kathy - Sorbetto Top

 Christy's 5 pairs of Tofino pants

Christy's Retro dress - 12.5 yards of fabric, lining, netting!

Busy Elle Bee - Pressing hams, pin cushions, large wrist pincushion

Busy Elle Bee - half finished cami-dress

 Beata - Jalie Top

Jacq - Bag as Gift for DS's girlfriend

 And a bag for Jacq

I apologise for the double entry of these bags and Scheryka's top - Blogger has an error on the page tonight.  And if I try and remove the extra pictures, Blogger removes the lot.  Which is what happened before to one Gallery.  My computer is being upgraded, which takes DH for ever, and at the moment I am juggling between high speed and no programs yet installed on one, and wi-fi (intermittent) on the laptop!  So when I have the resources I will download all the pictures on this gallery,and then upload them all again to put this right.  Not a great interface, I agree with you Heather!  Now to see if Blogger will let me update...

 Sam - Dress, Vogue Donna Karan

 Janine - Denim Skirt

 Janine -blouse with peplum

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